Cisco Systems CPMICWIREDS User Manual
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Calling features

Speed Dial

Speed Dial

Speed-Dialfeatures allow you to quickly place a call using preconfigured codes to place a call, or by selecting an item from the Call History list. Before you can usespeed-dialfeatures on the conference station, you must set up Speed Dial on your User Options web pages. The conference station allows 10speed-dialentries.

The conference station supports these speed-dialfeatures:

Speed-dialcodes: Allows you to dial a phone number from a code (sometimes referred to as abbreviated dialing or fast dialing).

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Place call using speed dial codes

Before You Begin

Before you can use speed-dialcodes on the conference station, you must set up the codes on your User Options web pages.


To place a call, enter the speed-dialcode and press theSpeed Dial.


Transfer allows you to redirect a connected call from the conference station to another number.

Before completing a transfer procedure, you can press Cancel to cancel the procedure.

Transfer call to another number

Before You Begin

The call must be active to be transferred.


Step 1 Press Transfer.

Step 2 Enter the destination number or press aspeed-dialbutton.

Step 3 Wait for the recipient to answer.

Step 4 PressTransfer again.

The transfer completes.

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