Cisco Systems CPMICWIREDS User Manual
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Calling features

Report IP phone problems

Report IP phone problems


Step 1 Press More.

Step 2 Use the Navigation bar and Select button to locate and selectQRT.

The information is sent to your system administrator.


Redial allows you to call the most recently dialed phone number.

Redial number


To redial the last number you called, press Redial.

Shared lines

Shared lines allow you to use one phone number for multiple devices.

A shared line is useful if you have multiple devices and want one phone number, share call-handlingtasks with coworkers, or handle calls on behalf of a manager. The other devices that share your line are referred to as remote devices, and a call that is being handled by a device that shares your line is referred to as a remote call.

When a call comes in on the shared line, the conference station rings and your coworker's device rings. Either you or your coworker can answer the call, place the call on hold, or transfer the call.

The Call button on the DCU has an LED that indicates the call state. For example:

Remote in use: solid red LED.

Remote hold: pulsing red LED

Your call history shows the status for all calls on the shared line. For example, if a call rings on a shared line and you answer the call, your coworkers who share the line see that the call was answered remotely. Your call history identifies calls that were Placed, Received, or Missed.

Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 User Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.0