Cisco Systems CPMICWIREDS User Manual
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Calling features

Mute IP phone DCU

Mute IP phone DCU


Step 1 PressMute to turn Mute on.

The Mute button is backlit by a solid, red light, and a mute icon displays on the screen.

Step 2 PressMute again to turn Mute off.


On-hookdialing allows you to enter a phone number before getting a dial tone and then press the Call button to complete the call.

Dial number on-hook


Step 1 Enter or speed dial a phone number.

Step 2 Press Dial.

Plus Dialing

Plus Dialing allows you to press and hold the star (*) key for at least 1 second to insert a plus (+) sign as the first digit in a phone number when dialing an international number.

A phone number with the + sign in it can be selected and dialed without the need to add digits for international calls.

Dial international number

Before You Begin

Before dialing an international call or using Plus Dialing, enter any local access code, such as 8 or 9 if applicable.

Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 User Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.0