Cisco Systems CPMICWIREDS User Manual
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Calling features

Monitoring and Recording

Monitoring and Recording

The Monitoring and Recording feature allows you to monitor and record calls. Your system administrator enables this feature, which can be set up for automatic recording of all calls or recording of calls on an individual call basis.

You can start or stop a recording by pressing the Record softkey on your phone.

Users might receive audible alerts during call monitoring and recording. By default, the person who monitors and records the call does not receive an audible alert.

Secure monitoring and recording is also available. For details on this aspect of the feature, contact your system administrator.

Multiple calls per line

The conference station has a single line and supports a maximum of six calls. Unless you are in a conference, only one call can be connected at any time; other calls are automatically placed on hold.

Multiple incoming calls

If there is a second incoming call on the line, while the first call rings, a navigable incoming call list window displays on the screen. The call list window updates automatically if there are additional incoming calls, or if an incoming call is cancelled.

Call ended on line with multiple calls

If there are multiple calls on the line when a call completes, the next call in the call list gains focus.

Outbound call maximum

The conference station supports a maximum of 6 outbound calls.

Answer second call on same line


To answer a second call on your conference station line, press Answer.

Any active call is placed on hold, and the second call is answered.

Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 User Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.0


Calling features

Switch between calls on same line

Switch between calls on same line


Step 1 PressSwap to switch between two calls on the same line.

Step 2 If there are more than two calls on the line, select a call from the call list and pressResume.

Create conference with two calls on same line


Step 1 With two connected calls on the same line, select a call to make it the active call.

The second call is put on hold.

Step 2 Press Conference.

Step 3 PressCalls to view the call list and select the caller to add to the conference.

Step 4 Wait for the call to connect.

Step 5 PressConference to add the participant to your call.

The conference begins.

Step 6 (Optional) Repeat to add additional participants.

Transfer two calls on same line

Before You Begin

You must be on an active call to transfer calls.


Step 1 Press Transfer.

Step 2 Enter phone number or press aspeed-dialbutton for the transfer destination.

When you have reached the maximum number of calls for your line, pressing Transfer allows you to select the calls from a list of calls on the line.

Step 3 Wait for the recipient to answer.

Step 4 PressTransfer again.

Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 User Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.0