Cisco Systems CPMICWIREDS User Manual
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Calling features



Divert allows you to send an active or ringing call to your voicemail system or to a predetermined phone number. Your system administrator configures this feature and sets the receiving phone number.

Divert call


Press Divert to send an active call, an incoming call, or a held call to either your voicemail system or to a predetermined phone number set up by your system administrator.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb (DND) allows you to turn off notification of incoming calls. The ringer, as well as audible and visual notifications, can be turned off.

Depending on how your administrator has configured this feature, incoming calls are either immediately rejected, or the caller information displays on screen.

The system administrator configures the DND softkey, but you can change your DND options from your User Options web pages.

DND interacts with other types of calls:

If both DND and Call Forward All are enabled, calls are forwarded without any visual or audible confirmation.

DND does not affect priority calls.

Turn DND on and off


Step 1 PressDND to turn on DND.

Visual confirmation displays briefly.

Step 2 PressDND again to turn off DND.

Visual confirmation displays briefly.

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