Cisco Systems CPMICWIREDS User Manual

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Calling features

Call Back

Area code

City code

Telephone number

The conference station saves the complete digit string in the call history and you can save the number in your Personal Address Book.

Call Back

Call Back allows you to receive an audio and a visual notification on your conference station when a busy or unavailable party becomes available.

For more information, contact your system administrator.

Set Up Call Back notification


Step 1 PressCall back while listening to the busy tone or ring sound.

A confirmation screen displays on the phone.

Step 2 PressExit to exit the confirmation screen.

Your phone alerts you when the line is free.

Step 3 PressCall to place the call again.

Call Forward

Call Forward allows you to forward incoming calls from the conference station to another number.

There are two types of call forwarding features that the system administrator can set up for the conference station:

Unconditional call forwarding (Call Forward All): Applies to all calls that you receive.

Conditional call forwarding (Call Forward No Answer, Call Forward Busy, Call Forward No Coverage): Applies to certain calls that you receive.

If configured, you can set up Call Forward All from the conference station. Call Forward All can also be accessed remotely from your User Options web pages. Conditional call forwarding rules can only be accessed from your User Options web pages.

When forwarding calls from your conference station:

Enter the call forward target number exactly as you would dial it from the conference station. For example, enter an access code or the area code, if necessary.

Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 User Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.0