Cisco Systems 3.0(10) User Manual
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Release Notes for Cisco CallManager Release 3.0(10)

Original CCO appearance: June 20, 2001

Revised: July 2, 2001

These release notes describe the new features and caveats for Cisco CallManager Release 3.0(10).

For a list of the open and resolved caveats for Cisco CallManager Release 3.0(10), see “Resolved Caveats” section on page 20 and“Open Caveats” section on

page 64. These release notes are updated every maintenance and major release.

Use these release notes in conjunction with the Installing Cisco CallManager Release 3.0(10) document, located on Cisco Connection Online (CCO), and the Cisco DocumentationCD-ROM.TheInstalling Cisco CallManager Release 3.0(10) document is also packaged with your CDs or convergence server.

Access the latest software upgrades and release notes for Cisco CallManager 3.0(10) on Cisco Connection Online (CCO) at

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Cisco Systems, Inc., 170 West Tasman Drive, San Jose, CA 95134-1706USA

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These release notes discuss the following topics:

Introduction, page 2

System Requirements, page 3

Related Documentation, page 3

New and Changed Information, page 4

Resolved Caveats, page 20

Open Caveats, page 64

Documentation Updates, page 82

Obtaining Documentation, page 100

Obtaining Technical Assistance, page 102


Cisco CallManager, a network business communication system, provides high-qualitytelephony over IP networks. Cisco CallManager enables the conversion of conventional, proprietary,circuit-switchedPBXs to multiservice, open LAN systems.

Release Notes for Cisco CallManager Release 3.0(10)