Califone 2800EC User Manual

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Disposable Earcup Covers

Model 2800EC

*Flexible and comfortable

*Available in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of Califone headphones and headsets

These protective earpad covers are ideal accessories for headphones located in high-useschool settings such as classroom listening centers, libraries, computer labs, and in ELL and ELD activities.

The earpad covers fully enclose the ear cushions of the headphone, helping to keep the headphone clean and improve hygiene. The earpad covers also help deflect perspiration in hot, humid conditions and will not affect the overall sound quality. Since the students are no longer in direct contact with the vinyl ear cushions, many will find using the earpad covers to be more comfortable, and are more likely to stay on task.

These earcup covers are designed to be used with all of the Califone Listening FirstTM series(2800-XX and2810-XX) headphones.

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Shown on 2810-TIheadphone*







*Headphone not included











24 units (12 pairs)


Shipping weight 1 lb. for package

Other earpad covers also available:

2924EC for all2924 series, 3068AV, wireless CLS series, SA-740, Sound AlertTM headphones, 3066AVand

3066-USB headsets

3060EC for all3060 series andCA-2 headphones, and the 3064AV &3064-USBheadsets

Califone® International

2800EC, July 2008