Califone 1285G-08 User Manual

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8-PositionSound AlertTM

Monaural Listening Center

Model 1285G-08

Providing safe audio equipment


for group-basedenvironments


is critical in aiding students to


work and studytogether. The


8-positionSound Alert Listening


Center is the first of its kind to


warn teachers and students


when the audio that’s played


through the jackbox to its


headphones is louder than the


American Speech-Language-


Hearing Association’s


recommended 85dB level.


The center is ideal for


supporting audio-assisted


learning activities such as


individual and group tutorials,


literacy groups, language


lessons, story-time,Special


Education,and ELL/ELD learning


applications. It includes the


Sound Alert jackbox,eight matching2924AVGmonaural headphones and a


rugged carry case. With the sound level controlled from its jackbox, the


listening center can safely keep the volume to a safe 85 decibel level.


When the jackbox volume exceeds 85 decibels, a bright red LED warning


light turns on, alerting both the teacher and students about the unsafe


sound level requiring adjustment. This visual cue not only helps correct the


current situation, but will also help students learn safe and lifelong listening


practices in school and extending beyond their academic careers.


According to a March 2006 national poll commissioned by the American


Speech-Language-HearingAssociation, 40% of students reportedly set their


music players’ volume too loud above 85 decibels, which is the level hearing


experts recommend not be exceeded. If music can be heard coming from a


student's headphone, the volume is too loud and the student is at risk of


experiencing hearing loss.


Hearing loss can lead to many problems in school including: difficulty with


academic achievement in language arts, vocabulary, arithmetic, and problem


solving. Students with hearing loss score lower on achievement tests, and


have greater needs for special education or extra support in the classroom.


The durable Sound Alert jackbox can also be used as a traditional jackbox


without charging its battery, but the warning LED feature will not operate.


The jackbox conserves its power by shutting off when no audio signal is


present for 60 seconds and will power on automatically when there is an


audio signal present.



2985PG Headphone

Califone® International

1285G-08,May 2008

8-PositionSound AlertTM

Monaural Listening Center

Model 1285G-08

1.Rugged polypropylene carry/storage case

2.2924AVG headphones with adjustable headband, rugged ABS plastic earcups, replaceable straight cord with reinforced connection for safety, rugged monaural 1/4” plug, noisereducing earcup lowers ambient noise, protective slotted baffle, and replaceable ear cushions

3.10-positionSound AlertTM monaural jackbox

“Project Intercept"

Please contact us immediately if you experience any questions or issues with your Sound AlertTM Listening Center. Our “Project Intercept" customer service program will quickly repair or replace items under warranty. Simply contact us via phone or email

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1285G Jackbox





Listening Stations


10 with 1/4” silver-platedcontact points


Volume Control


Single controlfor all attached headphones




5 foot with 1/4” & 3.5mm mini plugs




Rugged ABS plastic for durability




Li-Ionwith 4 hour recharge time



Single charge usage under continuous operation: approx. 36 hours



Idle operation time


Approximately 500 hours







2924AVG Headphones














40mm diameter (1.6 inches)





600 Ohms each side




Frequency Response

40 H - 18 kHz




Sound Pressure Level

93 db +/- 3 dB






<5% approximately






Replaceable 6’ straight cord






1/4” nickelplatedfor enhanced connection




Headband & Ear Pad


PVC (Washable)




Headphone Cup


Noise-reducing,ABS plastic for durability



Overall dimensions


20” H x 20” L x 7” D




Combined shipping weight 11 lbs.




1 year for school, business, church and

government uses Additionalinformationcan be obtainedby visiting each product’sweb page

Califone® International

1285G-08,July 2008