Califone 1216-USB User Manual

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Owner’s Manual

Stereo USB Jackbox with 6 headphone outputs and 6 microphone inputs

1216-USB Owner’s Manual


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Inspecting & Unpacking

Although the shipping carton and packaging materials are designed to prevent damage during shipment, you should inspect the carton for any signs for mishandling or damage immediately upon receiving your new unit. Carefully lift the unit from the carton and inspect it for any signs of damage. Save all packaging materials for possible later use.


Any shipping damage or loss claims must be submitted to the freight agent.

Package Contents

Your carton and packaging should contain the following:

Jackbox with attached USB cord

6V power adapter

This Owner’s Manual

Initial Set-Up

1.Unlike conventional jackboxes, the 1216-USBmust have power connected in order to function. The power connector is located at the rear of the jackbox unit. Plug the included power adapter into the USB jackbox.

2.Plug the adapter into a standard 120 volt 50-60HzAC outlet.

Be sure the plug blades are fully inserted. Since there is no on/off switch on the unit, it is “on” once it is plugged in.

Connecting to a computer via USB

1.The jackbox is designed to work with a computer and plug in via a USB connector. Plug the USB cable on the jackbox into your PC. The PC may come up with a message stating that it recognizes a new audio device is connected. If you are running Windows 98 or earlier, the PC may not be able to recognize the USB device immediately. You may have to download drivers from Microsoft or the maker of your operating system.

2.In Windows XP, you can set the Jackbox to be the default audio output device and input device. To do this, open the “Sounds and Audio Devices” control panel. Click the “Audio” tab. Under “Sound Playback” select the device “C-MediaUSB Headphone Set”. Under “Sound recording” select the“C-MediaUSB Headphone Set” as the default device. Once this is complete,

Step 2 continued

click the “OK” button. You should now hear computer audio through the headphones connected to the jackbox. Also, any audio recording software will record the sound from the microphones plugged into the jackbox.

3.For other operating systems or for further setup details, please see your operating system documentation.

Connecting Headsets or Microphones

You may connect up to 6 headphones to the green headphone outputs (top row) of the jackbox. The volume of the headphones is controlled by the green headphone volume knob on the top of the jackbox. For users to have individual control over volume levels for each headphone, it is suggested to use headphones with built-involume controls.

You may connect up to 6 microphone inputs to the jackbox. The volume input for the microphones is controlled by the microphone volume knob on the top of the jackbox. The pink microphone inputs (bottom row of jackbox) should be heard through any headphones plugged in.

“Make sure the volume is turned up in the sound card volume control window in the computer in order to hear through the headphones what is being said into the microphones.”


In the event that service should become necessary for any reason, contact the dealer from whom you purchased this unit. The service or repairs can be done promptly and efficiently by your Califone dealer. If you wish assistance from the factory, contact us:

Click through our website at

Call us toll free in the United States 800.722.0500/ direct 818.407.2428

Write us:

Attention: Customer Service

Califone International Inc.

1145 Arroyo Ave. Suite #A, San Fernando, CA 91340

Be sure to have the model and serial number available. Please DO NOT SHIP ANY UNIT




Number of Listening Positions


Number of Microphone Inputs


Headphone Volume Control

1 master control for all headphones

Microphone Volume Control

1 master control for all microphones

USB Cord

Permanently attached 6’ cord


w/Series-AUSB connector


ABS Plastic for durability and safety

Power Supply

AC 120V – 60Hz (6V Adapter included)

Dimensions (WxHxD)

5”W x 2”H x 3.25”D


1 lb.




The unit does not operate.

No sound output to the headphones

No sound from microphones

Sound is unclear or distorted.


Is the USB cord unplugged? Did the PC operating system recognize the new USB device?

Is the device operational (see above)?

Is the device selected as the computer’s Audio output device?

Is the headphone volume knob turned up?

Turn up audio in computer.

Is the device operational (see above)?

Is the device selected as the computer’s audio input device?

Is the microphone volume knob turned up?

Is the power adapter plugged in to the wall and the jackbox

and providing power?

Califone® International Inc.

1145 Arroyo Avenue, # A

San Fernando, CA 91340 USA

Toll Free 800.722.0500

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