Cabletron Systems 6A000-ZX-250 User Manual

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Boot Load Commands


This chapter describes the low-levelboot load commands. Boot load commands are used for setting switchstart-upbehavior and for performing software downloads. Use the boot load commands to:

Set which copy of the boot load software is the default copy

Clear all configurations stored within the flash file system

Check boot load software version numbers

Load switch software upgrades

Set whether power on system tests (POST) are run by default

For detailed information on using the boot load Commands, see your product’s SmartCell User Guide.

The commands described in this section are intended to be used only for loading upgrade software or to reinstall software that has become corrupt.

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Boot Load Commands

Accessing the Boot Load Commands

Boot load commands are executed from the boot load prompt. The boot load prompt is not part of the switch console, and is accessible only after a reboot and before the switch software is loaded. Perform the following steps to gain access to the boot load prompt:

Connect a terminal (or PC running terminal emulation software) to the RJ-45terminal port on the front of the SmartCellZX-250.

Enter the reboot command from the terminal.

Wait for the following message to appear:

Press any key to exit to boot load prompt. .


Before the countdown reaches zero, press a key to access the boot load prompt. Notice that the boot load prompt (=>) differs from the prompt used in the switch console.

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