Cabletron Systems 6A000-ZX-250 User Manual

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This appendix tells you what to do if you need technical support for your SmartCell ZX-250switch.

Cabletron offers several support and service programs that provide high-qualitysupport to our customers. For technical support, first contact your place of purchase. If you need additional assistance, contact Cabletron Systems, Inc. There are several easy ways to reach Cabletron Customer Support and Service.

Telephone Assistance

Our Technical Support Center is available Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm Eastern Time, by calling 603-332-9400.

FAX Service

You can fax support questions to us any time at 603-337-3075.

Electronic Services

You can contact Cabletron's Bulletin Board Service by dialing 603-335-3358.

Our internet account can be reached at

You can also check our home pages on the World Wide Web.

Placing A Support Call

To expedite your inquiry, please provide the following information:

Your Name

Your Company Name


Email Address

Phone Number

FAX Number

SmartCell 6A000/ZX-250Reference ManualC-1

Technical Support

Detailed description of the issue (including history, what you've tried, and conditions under which you see this occur)

Hardware model number, software version, and switch configuration (that is, what part types are in what slots)

Hardware Warranty

Cabletron warrants its products against defects in the physical product for one year from the date of receipt by the end user (as shown by Proof of Purchase). A product that is determined to be defective should be returned to the place of purchase. For more detailed warranty information, please consult the Product Warranty Statement received with your product.

Software Warranty

Cabletron software products carry a 90-daysoftware warranty. During this period, customers may receive updates and patches for verified, reported software issues.

Repair Services

Cabletron offers an out-of-warrantyrepair service for all our products at our Santa Clara Repair Facility. Products returned for repair will be repaired and returned within 5 working days. A product sent directly to Cabletron Systems, Inc. for repair must first be assigned a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. A product sent to Cabletron Systems, Inc., without an RMA number displayed outside the box will be returned to the sender unopened, at the sender's expense.

To obtain an RMA number, contact the Cabletron Technical Support. When you call for an RMA number, your support representative will spend a few minutes with you, making sure the board is defective. Once they confirm the board is defective, they will assign an RMA number. Payment, shipping instructions, and turnaround time will be confirmed when the RMA number is assigned.

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