Cabletron Systems 1200 User Manual
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This sample network uses IPX protocol to allow remote devices and their servers to communicate. It illustrates a master network in which the central-siteCyberSWITCH communicates with:

Remote bridges using a Remote LAN interface, and

A remote IPX router using a traditional WAN interface.

To better understand the layout of this network, refer to the following Network Topology Worksheet. Note that the central-sitemaster network is in Detroit. Tampa and Orlando represent the bridged sites, and Dallas represents the remote WAN site.

System details appear in the worksheets and are followed by the unique portion of this network’s configuration procedure.


All devices are PPP-compliant.

Central site is on a PBX; therefore, 9 required to dial out.

No File Servers at Tampa or Orlando sites.

Uses the On-nodeDevice Database for authentication database.

Uses PAP to authenticate remotes; CHAP on central site.

Assumes Dallas Network supports Triggered RIP/SAP (i.e., compatible with central site).

Central site dials out only to Dallas; Tampa and Orlando dial in to central site.

Central site supports two BRI lines (4-portBRI card), with 5ESS custom switch configuration.

Assumes bridging enabled at system level (at central site) so that the device routes enabled network-layerprotocols and bridges all other packets.

Uses no filtering; unrestricted mode.


The initial steps in the CyberSWITCH installation process are basically the same no matter how detailed the network. These steps are:

completing the requirement worksheets

ordering ISDN service

powering on the system

accessing Release Notes

connecting an administration console

setting up Telnet access

upgrading system software

changing defaults to secure system

returning configuration to factory defaults

The chapters Accessing the CyberSWITCHand Upgrading System Software(in the User’s Guide)describe each of these steps in detail.







Detroit Master Network


External # 0100









IPX Router



Internal # 111abc



CHAP secret: df8sds33




Remote Bridge



PAP Password: tbpswd


Tampa Network


Remote IPX Router

External # 0128


Internal # 333def



PAP Password: dnpswd



Dallas Network



External # 3333



Remote Bridge

Orlando Network


PAP Password: obpswd



External # 0128

File Server




78 CyberSWITCH