Cabletron Systems 1200 User Manual
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Steps on how to verify the installation are detailed in the System Verification chapter of theUser’s Guide. This section gives an outline of which steps should be executed for Example 3.

On the CyberSWITCH:

Verify hardware resources are operational

Issue dr command

Look for BRI line messages

Look for LAN initialized messages

Check for IP routing initialized message in log

Verify WAN Lines Available

Connect WAN lines

Issue dr command

Look for “Data Link up 1,1” in reports

On each Remote Host:

Attempt to access a resource on the CyberSWITCH LAN. This may require that you reboot your system and proceed through the logon sequence.

Have the remote hosts ping the CyberSWITCH.

Have the CyberSWITCH ping the remote hosts (if a connection is up).

44 CyberSWITCH