Buffalo Technology HD-HSU2 User Manual

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TurboUSB Utility for DriveStation HD-HSU2 Series


The Buffalo TurboUSB utility can greatly improve the data transfer rates to and from your Buffalo USB hard drive. Other USB devices are not affected by TurboUSB software.


To install TurboUSB on your computer, insert your DriveNavigator CD in your computer’s CD drive. Click on TurboUSB Utility.

Follow the wizard to complete the installation.

Using TurboUSB

To use TurboUSB, you must first enable it. From theStart menu, choose

Programs > BUFFALO > TurboUSB > TurboUSB for HD-HSU2.

Click Enable and follow the directions to start TurboUSB.

When the wizard instructs you to disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable, click on the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ icon in the systray and release the device before unplugging it.

You may also turn TurboUSB off from the same window by clicking Disable and following the steps. You will have to unplug and reconnect the USB hard drive to complete disabling TurboUSB. Use the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ wizard to release the drive before unplugging it.

Is TurboUSB enabled?

To check whether TurboUSB is enabled, right-clickonMy Computer and chooseProperties > Hardware > Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus controllers. If TurboUSB is enabled, your USB storage device will have “(TurboUSB)” added to its name.


To remove the Buffalo TurboUSB utility from your computer, click Start >

Programs > BUFFALO> TurboUSB> Uninstaller. This will launch an uninstall screen. Click on Startto run the uninstallation.



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