Buffalo Technology AirStation WBR2-G54 User Manual

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Advanced Settings


-The Initialization Vector is expanded from 24-bitsto48-bits.

-The Initialization Vector is randomized.

-Uses a different RC4 key for every packet.

TIKIP requires an 8 to 63 character passphrase in ASCII or 64 digits hexadecimal key. Example 1: [ airstation -WPA-PSK]

Example 2: [0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef]

WPA Group Rekey Interval - When TKIP is selected, the encryption key is renewed at this interval. This interval is in seconds; the range of acceptable values is0-3600.

If 0 is entered, the key is never renewed.

Note: The lower the rekey interval, the more often a rekey occurs. Setting a low rekey interval may affect performance negatively.


Advanced Settings

LAN Port


LAN Port

Set the LAN side Ethernet settings.

LAN Side IP Address - Allows administrator to specify a static IP and Subnet Mask for the LAN side of the AirStation.

Note: If the AirStation’s IP address is changed, the con- fi guring computer’s IP must be changed to the same range to continue confi guration. If the LAN IP is changed, restart the AirStation. (Section 4.4.10). If

the IP address is changed, then the DHCP scope must be changed to match.

DHCP Server Function - Allows administrator to enable/disable the DHCP server function for the AirStation LAN side. SelectUse to enable andDo not use to disable the function. OnceUse is selected, the assigned IP address range can be specifi ed. Enter the starting LAN IP address and total number of computers the DHCP server can accomidate.

Note: If there is another DHCP server on the network, one either must be disabled or the IP range must be changed to avoid confl icts derived from overlapping DHCP scopes.


Advanced Settings

DHCP Server


DHCP Server

Allows a more advanced con- fi guration of the DHCP server functions.

DHCP Server Function - Allows administrator to enable/ disable the DHCP server function for the AirStation LAN side. Select Use to enable or Do not use to disable this function.

If the DHCP service is enabled, wireless and wired clients may receive IP addresses and other network information from the AirStation. If the DHCP

server is turned off, all client PC’s must have unique, static IP addresses and valid network settings manually entered. Check with your LAN administrator for static IP information.

Assigned IP address (Range Assignment) - Sets the beginning address and range of addresses to be assigned by the AirStation’s DHCP server function. Select up to 253 consecutive addresses (nodes). The IPs to be excluded from the range specifi cation should be entered in the specifi ed

fi eld.


Advanced Settings

Lease duration - Specifies the time in hours(1-999)an assigned IP address is valid. If the client computer does not request a renewal of IP address before the lease period expires, the AirStation can issue the IP to another client computer.

Default Gateway - Allows administrator to use the Default Gateway address (the AirStation’s IP address), assign a specific Gateway address, or block clients from Gateway notification.

DNS server - Allows administrator to use the default DNS address (the AirStation’s IP address), assign specific DNS addresses, or block clients from DNS address notification.

WINS server - Allows administrator to use a WINS address. Select auto assignment of the IP address, enter a specific WINS IP address, or block clients from the WINS address notification.

Domain name - Allows administrator to use an assigned domain name, assign a specific domain name, or block clients from domain name notification. Domain names will be sent to LAN computers when an IP address is assigned. Enter a maximum of 64 alphanumeric characters.


Manual IP

and MAC




Advanced Settings

Manual IP and MAC Address Assignment - Allows administrator to add additional leased IP addresses tied to a specifi c MAC address. When a specifi c MAC address connects to the AP, the IP address speci- fi ed will be given to that client.

Display/Delete lease information - List of IP addresses, MAC addresses, lease periods and status is displayed.


Wireless MAC


Advanced Settings

Wireless MAC Filter

Wireless PC’s Connection

- Select Enable to restrict wireless connections to the registered adapters in the list. SelectDisable to disable MAC address fi ltering.

Press the Preset button to enter the MAC Address registration menus. This is

where MAC Addresses can be assigned and deleted.


Register for Allowable PC’s MAC Address

Advanced Settings

Registration for MAC Addresses - MAC access restriction set up in LAN. Input the MAC addresses that are allowed to communicate with the AirStation.

MAC address list - Displays a table list of all MAC addresses allowed to communicate with the AirStation.


Advanced Settings


Bridge (WDS)


Wireless Bridge (WDS)

The Wireless Distribution System supports peer-to-peerAP communication.

Wireless Bridge (WDS) Function - Select Enableto allow Bridge (WDS) mode between AirStations or Disableto block communication between AirStations.

Wireless Bridge (WDS) dedicated mode - Select Enableto restrict wireless computer communication with the AirStation. In dedicated mode wireless clients CANNOT connect to WDS AirStations.

Note: All AirStations must support WDS and be on the same channel. For roaming support, use the same SSID on all devices.

Add AirStation (wireless MAC Address): Allows administrator to input the wireless MAC address of AirStations for Bridge (WDS) communication. The wireless MAC address is found in the Management section => System Information, labeled wireless MAC address.


Advanced Settings


Bridge (WDS)


To enable WDS, set the Wireless Bridge (WDS) function to


Enter the Wireless MAC address of the AirStation to communicate with in the form of two characters separated by a colon and click Add.

MAC Address Ex: 00:00:00:00:00:00

Up to six AirStation MAC addresses may be registered.

Click Apply under Wireless Bridge (WDS) settings when the wireless Mac addresses AirStation are entered.

Repeat this process on every other AirStation used in Bridge (WDS) mode.



Advanced Settings

WAN port

WAN Settings


WAN Port



Communication Method of


Wired WAN - Select port speed


and type of duplex connecting


to the WAN port. If unknown,


select Auto negotiation.


MAC Address of WAN - Set


the AirStation MAC address to


be used for WAN communic-


ation. Some ISP’s may require


you to set the MAC Address


of WAN to be the same MAC


address of your cable or DSL



WAN IP Address - Allows administrator to select DHCP server, PPPoE, or manual setting for the WAN port of the AirStation.

Auto IP assignment from DHCP server - acquire the IP address automatically from the DHCP server. Use PPPoE client - If selected, the information listed below must be entered.

Manual setting - Enter the appropriate IP address and subnet mask.