BT 420 User Manual

645.75 Kb

Converse 420 telephone



At a glance

Handset park

Used when the phone is wall mounted. Lets you park the handset on the base if you need to leave the phone during a call.


Inserts a space in a number when storing numbers in the memory.


Used to edit numbers when pre-diallingor when storing or editing numbers in the memory.

Handset clip

Holds handset in place when wall mounted.


Used with the Navigator wheel to adjust the volume of the dial tone and your caller’s voice.

Secrecy button (and light)

Allows you to talk to someone in the same room without your caller being able to hear the conversation.


Allows you to talk to callers without lifting the handset.

Hearing aid compatible

Your Converse 420 handset is hearing aid compatible.


Shows 24 hour clock, battery low indicator, phone numbers, and names.


Used when there is a headset connected.

Visual ring indicator

Flashes when you have an incoming call.

Message Waiting indicator

(for Meridian Switchboard users only)

Flashes when there is Voice Mail.


Used to time the duration of a call.


For use with switchboard services and some BT Select Services.


Redials the last number.

Repeat dials a number when the line is engaged.

Lets you enter a Pause in a stored number.

Calculator button

Switches the calculator on and off.

Navigator Wheel

Quick access to the directory. Adjusts the volume of the caller’s voice.

Displays range of calculator functions.

(Tick Button) Select

Dials telephone numbers displayed on the screen.

Also confirms options displayed on the screen in the directory and used to store entries in the directory and selects calculator functions.


Lets you store up to 75 names and numbers including pre-setBT Select Services:- Call Return, Call Divert, Reminder Call,3-WayCalling and Call Minder.


Thank you for making the right choice. You can expect your Converse 420 to provide many years of quality service. Please read the instructions carefully before use and keep this user guide for future reference.

Check that your

Converse 420 is

complete. When you

unpack you must have:

Converse 420 phone with telephone line cable attached

Screws and wall plugs for wall mounting


Situating your

Converse 420

your Converse 420 enough to a phone

so that the cables reach.

not stand it on carpets other similar surfaces

generate fibres.

Converse 420 can be -mounted.See‘Wall-


Converse 420 is only to be operated in a office or domestic

. It should not used in bathrooms or


Check your

wall socket

you do not have a modern-stylesocket, call

Freefone 0800 800 150and ask for a BT engineer to come and fit the correct socket. This is a chargeable service.

The display on your Converse 420 is powered by 3 x AAA alkaline batteries. (Available separately.)

+ +



phone socket. Open the battery compartment.

2Insert batteries as indicated.

3Close the lid and replace the compartment cover.

Plug your Converse 420 into the phone socket

phone modern

If your phone does not work when you dial a number, try setting the dialling mode to P.

If you are connecting to a switchboard, check with your switchboard operator or communications manager on which dialling mode you need.

Set the time

1Press and hold the Clock button until the display showsTIME.

2Release the Clock button. Display shows00-00.

3Enter the current time using the 24 hour clock, eg. 0 9 3 0 = 9.30am,

1 5 3 0 = 3.30pm.

4Press the button.

The time is set and displayed.


Your Converse 420

Check the

is now ready for

dialling mode

making and



receiving calls.





1Your Converse 420 should be pre-settoT-TB which gives youTONE dialling.


Emergency calls

emergency services can contacted by dialling 999 112.

Converse 420 is

to a switchboard PBX, you might have to another number before

or 112 in order to get outside line.

some switchboards, may not be able to get

outside line if the power

. Check with your operator or



continue in ‘handsfree’ mode.

To receive a call:

When the phone rings, press theHandsfree button and speak to answer the call.

To preview a number before dialling

1Without lifting the handset, dial the number you want. The number is displayed.

If you make a mistake, use the ß Clear button to delete the last digit you have entered. TheNext © button inserts a space when storing names and numbers.

To make a call

the handset and dial number you want. The is displayed.

the end of your call, the handset.

To use Handsfree


can make and receive


without lifting the


by pressing the




make a call:


the Handsfree button.

hear the dialling tone.

2the number you want. display shows the


2Press the button.

The displayed number is dialled in ‘handsfree’ mode.

There are three ways to make a call on your Converse 420: by lifting the handset, using the Handsfree button or by using the button.

Using a headset

Converse headsets (RJ11 jack) are available separately from BT shops or by calling

Freefone 0800 800 150.

1Plug the headset into the socket marked HEADSET on the underside of the base.

2To make a call, press the

Headset button.

3Dial the phone number.

To end the call press the

Headset button.

To use the

Secrecy button

You can prevent your caller from hearing you while you talk to someone else close by.

1During a call, press the

Secrecy button.

The red Secrecy light comes on. Your caller cannot hear you.

2To resume your conversation, press the Secrecy button again.

The Secrecy light goes off.

To redial the last number

You can redial a number up to 32 digits long.

1Press the Handsfree button.

2Press the Redial button.

The last number you called is redialled.

To repeat dial a number

This feature works in handset, handsfree and headset modes.

If the number you call is engaged, you can set your Converse 420 to dial a number repeatedly, saving you from continually having to press the Redial button.


engaged tone, press the Redial button and replace the handset, (or press the

Handsfree button).

The display shows BUSY.

10 seconds after the handset is replaced your Converse 420 automatically picks up the line, switches on the loudspeaker and redials the number.

If it is still engaged you need do nothing, your phone will wait for 45 seconds before repeating the procedure.

This will be repeated every 45 seconds up to a maximum of 15 times or until the call is answered.

2When your call is answered, you can speak to your caller by pressing

Handsfree or lift the handset or press theHeadset button and speak.


your call is answered, lift the handset or press the Handsfree button or press theHeadset button.

time with the ringing signal. Lift the handset to answer the call.

Message Waiting


When you have Voice mail messages, the Message Waiting indicator flashes at regular intervals.


This feature works with Meridian switchboard only.

To adjust the ringer volume

Set the ringer volume switch on the underside of your Converse 420 to







The incoming call light will flash with all three settings.

To change the ringer tone

on the underside of your Converse 420 to the

low pitch ring or R2 for a high pitch ring.





To adjust your caller’s

Visual ring indicator

speech volume

During a call

When you have an

Press the Volume button.

incoming call, the Visual ring indicator will flash in

2The display shows VOLUME and the current volume level. Turn theNavigator Wheel clockwise to increase the volume oranti-clockwiseto decrease it.

numbers in the directory

Your Converse 420 stores up to 75 names and phone numbers:

You can use the Navigator Wheel - or the keypad - to enter names and numbers. TheNavigator Wheel also lets you scroll quickly through stored names and numbers.

Stored numbers can be up to 21 digits long and include , # and pause .

Directory entries are automatically stored in alphabetical order. Numbers without attached names are stored at the

beginning of the list.


The directory is pre-programmedwith some BT Select Services numbers (see‘Using Select Services’). These can be overwritten

if you wish.

Press and hold theDirectory button. Display showsSTORE andEDIT.

STORE will be flashing.

Release the Directory button.

Press the button.

Display shows the number of entries stored in the

directory, followed by


If you try to add a new entry and the directory is full, the display shows


To continue, follow steps shown in ‘To change an entry in the directory’ or ‘To delete an entry in the directory’.


want using the keypad. Alternatively, turn the

Navigator Wheel until the digit you want is displayed then press the button. Repeat this step until the full phone number is entered.

4Press and hold the button until the display

5Enter the letters you want using the keypad. Alternatively, turn the

Navigator Wheel to display the letter required then press the button.

6Press and hold the button until the display shows STORE andEDIT.

You can stop during any set of steps and return to standby by lifting the handset or pressing the Handsfree button.

You can now enter another name and number.

To change an entry in the directory

1Press and hold the Directory button. Display showsSTORE andEDIT.

2Release the Directory button.

Turn the Navigator Wheel

so that EDIT is flashing.

Turn the Navigator Wheelto display the entry you want to change.


cursor flashes under the number.

If you need to move the cursor, either press the button or the Next © button to go forward or theß Clear button to delete a digit.

7Enter the new digit above the flashing cursor using the keypad or by turning the Navigator Wheel.

Press the button.

When you have finished changing the number press and hold the button until the display shows the cursor flashing under the first letter of the name.

Enter the new letter above the flashing cursor using the keypad or by turning theNavigator Wheel.

Press the button.

When you have finished changing the name press and hold the button until the display returns toSTORE andEDIT. You can now change another entry.

To view and call from the directory

You can look at all the names and numbers stored in your directory

1Press the Directory button (your handset does not need to be in the cradle).

Turn the Navigator Wheelto display the entries.


Press the alphabet letters on the keypad to go directly to an entry,

ie. press the 2 button 3 times to display entries beginning withC.

Press the button when the number you want is displayed. The phone switches to handsfree and dials the number.

To delete an entry in the directory

You can clear entries from the directory. Press the Directory button to view your entries. Select the entry you want to delete and press theClear buttontwice.

To store a pause

A pause is sometimes required with some switchboards and network services.

A pause simply gives the switchboard a few seconds to pick up the outside line before dialling. Using the Redial button, you can insert a pause when you store a number in the directory.

Repeat the steps for storing a number in the directory but press the Redial button where you want to add a pause within the number.

To set the call timer


Clock button. This displays the time of the previous call.

2Press the Clock button again to start the timer. You can stop the time by pressing theClock button once more.

3When you replace the handset or press the Handsfree button to end the call, the display shows the final duration of the call for a few seconds before returning to the normal clock setting.

Using the calculator

Your Converse 420 provides all the basic calculator functions - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages as well as Memory Recall.


+,--,--.,X,=,%,AC,M-,M+ andMRC.

If the phone rings while you are using the calculator function, simply lift the receiver or press the Handsfree button as normal. Note that information entered in calculator mode will be lost.

To use the calculator

1Press the Calculator button. The display changes to the


2Enter the number you want 12 3.

Turn the Navigator Wheelto display the function +.

Press the button .

3Enter the second number


Turn the Navigator Wheelto display the function =.

Press the button.

Display shows the result


To clear a calculation

Turn the Navigator Wheelto display AC.

Press the button.

To switch off the calculator

Press the Calculator button.

The calculator will also switch off automatically if no button is pressed for 1 minute.

If your Converse 420 is connected to a switchboard, you must first switch off the calculator before transferring a call.

To use the

MRC function

Your calculator provides a Memory Recall (MRC) function. This enables you to put calculations in the memory while you make other calculations, and then add them together or subtract one from the other.

For example

1Press the Calculator button.

The display changes to the calculator function.

2Enter the number you want 50.

Turn the Navigator Wheelto display the function M+.

Press the button.

3Enter the second number


Navigator Wheel still displays the function M+.

Press the button.

Turn the Navigator Wheelto MRC.

Press the button.

Display shows the total on memory 70.

Recall button

The Recall button is for use with switchboard services and some BT Select Services.

Five minutes memory back-up

If you unplug your Converse 420 from the telephone socket and it has fully charged batteries, it will keep all the numbers you have stored in the memory. However, if you unplug your Converse 420 and your batteries are totally discharged, numbers stored in the memory will be maintained for about 5 minutes only.

Pre-programmedBT Select Services numbers will not be affected.

When your batteries are within about two weeks of total exhaustion, BATT LOW will appear in the display. If you do not replace the batteries and they become totally discharged your Converse 420 will not display anything on the screen.

Using BT



A switchboard can provide a similar range of functions to BT Select Services.

If your Converse 420 is connected to a switchboard, you can simply use it as a normal extension.

Your Converse 420 gives you easy access to the following range of BT Select Services.

Six of the Directory buttons have been pre-programmedinto the directory.




Call Return


(No charge)






Set Divert


Cancel Divert



(Quarterly subscription)






Call Minder


(Quarterly subscription)






Reminder Call on


(Pay per call)






Reminder Call off



Call Diversion

You can use your Converse 420 to request the network to divert incoming calls to another number.

You can choose to divert:

-all calls

-calls that you do not answer within 5 rings

-calls when your line is already engaged.

To switch

Call Diversion on

1Press the Handsfree button or lift the handset.

2Press the Directory button.




6Press the # button and listen for confirmation of your instructions.

To switch

Call Diversion off

1Press the Handsfree button or lift the handset.

2Press the Directory button.

3Turn the Navigator Wheelto select #21# DIVERT OFF.


the number.

5Listen to the confirmation announcement of your instructions.

Call Minder

Call Minder gives you an

do not answer your phone or if you are already on the line.

Details on how to use Call Minder are provided when you subscribe to the service.

To ring your

Call Minder service


or lift the handset.

2Press the Directory button.

3Rotate the Navigator Wheel to select1571 CALL MINDER.

4Press the button to dial the number.

5When the Call Minder answers, follow the voice prompts to play back, save, delete and skip forward through your messages.

You can turn your Converse 420 into a 24 hour alarm clock, that rings you back at the exact time you specify.

To set a

Reminder Call

1Press the Handsfree button or lift the handset.

2Press the Directory button.

3Turn the Navigator Wheelto select *55* REMINDER SET.

4Press the button to dial the number.

5Enter the time you want to be called back, using the 24 hour clock, e.g. 1 6 3 0 books a Reminder Call at 4.30 pm.

6Press the # button and listen for confirmation.

To cancel a

Reminder Call

Press theHandsfree button or lift the handset.

Press theDirectory button.

Turn the Navigator Wheelto select #55# REMINDER OFF.

to dial

the number.

Listen for confirmation.

Other services

Three Way Calling

Lets you speak to two other callers at the same time.

Charge Advice

Instantly tells you the exact cost of your last call.

Call Waiting

During a call, a soft ‘beep’ lets you know if another person is trying to contact you. You can put your original caller ‘on hold’ while you switch to the new caller.

For information on these and many other valuable services, call BT on 152.

If you are not connected to the BT network ask your Telecom supplier for information about their services.

To re-setBT Select Services buttons

If you have stored your own numbers over

BT Select Services you can re-setthem to the original BT numbers.

Follow the steps in ‘To change an entry in the directory’ andre-enterthe Select Service Codes (provided in the table on the previous page).



Your Converse 420 can be wall-mountedusing the screws and wall plugs provided.

1Unclip the stand on the back of the Converse 420.

2Drill two holes in the wall 83mm vertically apart using a 5.5mm drill bit.












3Insert the wall plugs if necessary, then insert the screws leaving about 5mm protruding from the wall on which to hang the phone.

4Rotate the handset clip 180˚ so that it protrudes upward. This holds the handset in place when wall mounted.

5Slot the screw heads into the holes on the back of the phone and gently pull the phone downward to make sure it is securely in place.

6Hang the handset on the handset clip.

Converse 420 should be free of dust, moisture and temperatures. Wipe the clean with a damp, not


not use spray or abrasive as damage to the components or surfaces could result.

many phones

you have? (REN) items of telephone

have a Ringer Number (REN),

is used to calculate the of items which may

connected to any one

line. Your Converse has a REN of 1. A total

of 4 is allowed. If the REN of 4 is exceeded, telephones may not ring.

different telephone types is no guarantee of

even when the REN is than 4.


Converse 420 may be to public networks

United Kingdom. It may be connected to compatible

. If in doubt, your supplier or

should be able to help. Advice on connection

switching systems can obtained by dialling

fone 0800 800 154.

be connected to Meridian with Message Waiting.

Message Waiting Indicator responds to the series of line reversals output by the Meridian.

have a compatible it cannot be

your Converse 420 will operate correctly under all possible conditions of connection.


If you own your Converse 420 under BT’s guarantee BT guarantees the product for one year provided that:

The goods have only been used for their intended purpose and have not been subjected to misuse, or been wilfully or accidentally damaged.

The goods have not been tampered with or repaired by anyone other than BT, its staff or agents. If a fault does occur in this product, and you bought the unit yourself, provided that you return it to the place of purchase and produce your receipt, it will either be repaired or replace free of charge.

The terms and conditions of this guarantee do not affect your statutory rights.

If you own your Converse 420 outside guarantee:

If your Converse 420 needs repair after the guarantee period has ended, it must be repaired so as to remain compliant with the approval requirements for connection to the telephone network.

We recommend that you contact BT on Freefone 0800 800 150 or visit your nearest BT shop and you will be informed of our recommended repair agents.