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Converse 120

friendly Guide

At a glance

Handset hook

Holds handset in place when wall mounted.


Redials the last number called.


you have an


Message Waiting indicator

(for Meridian Switchboard users only)

Flashes when there is Voice Mail.

Phone number label

Slide the phone extension number label out from under the plastic cover to write your phone numbers.


For use with switchboard services and some BT Select Services.

Secrecy light

Comes on when you are using the secrecy function.


Allows you to talk to someone in the same room without your caller being able to hear the conversation.

Thank you for making the right choice. You can expect your Converse 120 to provide many years of quality service. Please read the instructions carefully before use and keep this user guide for future reference.


Converse 120

Screws and wall


phone with

plugs for wall

Check that your

telephone line


Converse 120 is

cable attached


complete. When you


unpack you must have:







Situating your

Converse 120

Situate your Converse 120 close enough to a phone socket so that the cables will reach.

Do not stand it on carpets or other similar surfaces that generate fibres.

Your Converse 120 can be wall-mounted.

See Wall-mounting’.


Your Converse 120 is only designed to be operated in a normal office or domestic environment.

It should not be used in bathrooms or near water.

Check your telephone wall socket

If you do not have a modern style socket, call

Freefone 0800 800 150and ask for a BT engineer to come and fit the correct socket. This is a chargeable service.

Plug your Converse

Your Converse 120

120 into the phone

is now ready for


making and receiving calls.

Check the dialling mode





Use the dialling mode switch on the underside of your Converse 120.

Your Converse 120 should be pre-settoTB which gives youTone dialling. This ensures the phone will work with all modern digital exchanges.

If your phone does not work, try setting the dialling mode to P.

If you are connecting to a switchboard, check with your switchboard operator or communications manager which dialling mode you need.

Your Converse 120 is approved for all compatible switchboards. If you would like a list of compatible switchboards, please contact BT on

Freefone 0800 800 154.



Converse 120

Emergency calls

The emergency services can

be contacted by dialling 999

or 112.

If your Converse 120 is connected to a

switchboard or PBX, you might have to dial another number before 999 112 in order to get an outside line. On some switchboards, you may not be able to get an outside line if the power fails. Check with your switchboard operator or communications manager.

To make a call

Lift the handset off the base.

Dial the number you want.

At the end of your call, replace the handset.


To redial the last number

You can redial a number up to 31 digits long.

1Lift the handset.

2Press the Redial button.


The last number you called is redialled.

To use the Secrecy button

You can prevent your caller from hearing you while you talk to someone else close by.

1 Press theSecrecy button.


The Secrecy light will come on. While theSecrecy light is on, your caller cannot hear you.

2Press the Secrecy button again to resume the conversation.

Visual ring indicator

When you have an incoming call the Visual ring indicator will flash in time with the ringing signal. Lift the handset to answer the call.

Message Waiting


This feature is for Meridian

switchboard users only.

When you have Voice mail messages waiting the Message Waiting indicator will flash at regular constant intervals.

To adjust the ringer volume






Use the RINGER VOLUMEswitch on the underside of your Converse 120.

Set the volume switch to the setting you want:HI,


The Visual ring indicator will flash when you have an incoming call with all three settings.

To adjust the ringer tone




Use the RINGER TONEswitch on the underside of your Converse 120.

Set the RINGER TONEswitch to the setting you want: R1for a low pitch ring or R2for a high pitch ring.

Recall button


TheRecall button is for use with switchboard services and some BT Select Services.

Phone number label

Use the phone number label to keep a note of phone or extension numbers which you use frequently.

Slide the label out from underneath the plastic cover to write on it.

Mark the numbers in

pencil in case you need to

change them.



No dialling tone

Is the line cord plugged into the telephone socket?

Nothing happens when you dial

Check that the dialling mode switch is set to the correct position.

The handset does not ring

Is the ringer volume set to OFF?

You may have too many phones, fax machines and/or answering machines plugged in which might be overloading the sockets. (See ‘Ringer Equivalence Number’, back page).

wall-mountedusing screws and wall plugs


you wall-mountyour 120, check that:

the wall can support the weight of the phone;

the position you choose leaves sufficient space so that the phone is clear of any obstruction on the wall, such as a shelf or cupboard.

5mm protruding from the wall on which to hang the phone.

4Rotate the handset hook 180˚ so that it protrudes upward. This holds the handset in place when wall mounted.

of the Converse 120.

two holes in the wall 61mm vertically apart using an 8mm drill bit.




Insert the wall plugs if

3necessary, then insert the screws leaving about


gently pull the phone downward to make sure it is securely in place.

Hang the handset on the handset hook.


Converse 120 should be free of dust, moisture and temperatures.

the casing clean with a not wet, cloth.

not use spray or abrasive as damage to the

components or polished could result.

many phones

you have? (REN) items of telephone

have a Ringer Number (REN),

is used to calculate the of items which may be

to any one telephone

. Your Converse 120 has a of 1. A total REN of 4 is

. If the total REN of 4 is the telephones may


different telephone types is no guarantee of ringing,

when the REN is less than 4.


Converse 120 may be

to public networks in United Kingdom.

also be connected to providing Pulse or


and Timed Break or Loop Recall facilities. If in your switchboard

or maintainer should be to offer help. Advice on

to BT switching can be obtained by

Freefone 0800 800 154.

be connected to Meridian with Message Waiting.

If you do not have a switchboard, it cannot be guaranteed that your Converse 120 will operate correctly under all possible conditions of connection


If you own your Converse under BT’s guarantee BT guarantees the product for one year provided that:

The goods have only been used for their intended purpose and have not been subjected to misuse, or been wilfully or accidentally damaged.

The goods have not been tampered with or repaired by anyone other than BT, its staff or agents. If a fault does occur in this product, and you bought the unit yourself, provided that you return it to the place of purchase and produce your receipt, it will either be repaired or replace free of charge.

The terms and conditions of this guarantee do not affect your statutory rights.

If you own your Converse 120 outside guarantee:

If your Converse 120 needs repair after the guarantee period has ended, it must be repaired so as to remain compliant with the approval requirements for connection to the telephone network.

We recommend that you contact BT onFreefone 0800 800 150 or visit your nearest BT shop and you will be informed of our recommended repair agents.

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North America,

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