Brother 8 User Manual

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Realize your embroi dery dream!

PE-DESIGN8 provides powerful digitizing and editing capabilities, allowing you the

Print and Stitch

creative freedom to design original embroidery, and easily turns illustrations, photos, and

Create designs that combine embroidery with a

lettering into custom embroidery designs.

printed image.





Print the background



image on fabric.


5 applications

Design Center

Create embroidery patterns manually with the supportive functions.


Stitch Creator

Create expressive stitch patterns.

Font Creator

Create original font patterns to match your project.

Layout & Editing

Create embroidery patterns automatically from a photo or an illustration, and edit the designs with ease.

Design Database

Organize and manage

your embroidery design files easily and neatly.


books,artwork etc by

combining embroidery and

printed images.

*These six patterns of completed samples for Print and Stitch are provided inPE-DESIGN8.

Turn your favourite illustrations and photos into embroidery.

Quick & Easy automatic conversion

PE-DESIGNautomatically turns images into embroidery designs with any stitch you desire to choose.

Layout & Editing


Auto Punch

Regions can be converted to lines



Converted to embroidery data

Image file

PE-DESIGNsupports all these image file formats:

*.bmp, *.tif, *.jpg, *.pcx, *.wmf, *.png, *.eps, *.pcd, *.fpx, *.j2k, *.gif

Edit cross-stitchesand back stitches

By using cross-stitchfunction, embroidery

patterns can be created with more





Cross Stitch

Photo Stitch


Image size and position


can be changed


Change Size

PE-DESIGNautomatically adjusts the brightness and contrast,and shows you several examples of the different brightness and contrast levels. All you have to do is select the best one!

With enhanced font functions! Enjoy the great power of expression.

35 built-infont

Small fonts of 3 mm to 6 mm

Select fonts that meet your own taste.

Enjoy stitching small yet beautiful

(You can also automatically convert true type fonts,giving you a virtually unlimited range of fonts.)






Monogramming function

Create various decorative monogramming patterns by just selecting a font, inputting characters, and selecting the decorative patterns.

Text transformation

2 new transformation patterns are added

1 click to arrange the text in an arc!

Edit multi byte characters

Includes Chinese letters, Korean letters etc…

Font creator

Use “Font creator” to create your original fonts

Creates punch data automatically

Create fonts that meet your own taste.

from TrueType font


The created fonts can be recalled to be used in Layout & Editing.

Expressive stitches allow you to create amazing embroidery.

Gradation & colour blending

PE-DESIGNautomatically adjusts the stitch density to make the perfect gradation and colour blending.

Colour blending


Colour blending

Region & line stitches

PE-DESIGNcomes with 10 region and 5 line stitches to fulfill your creative needs.

Radial Stitch

Concentric Circle


A motif pattern for the stippling stitch

Running Stitch

Motif Stitch

Spiral Stitch

Concentric Circle Stitch /

Spiral Stitch / Motif Stitch

Radial Stitch


Satin Stitch

Programmable Fill Stitch

Zigzag Stitch

A motif pattern for the Stippling Stitch

Programmable Fill Stitch

Fill Stitch


More enhanced features



More than 500 built-inembroidery designs

Improved import function

Drag &


“Merge” and “Remove Overlaps”Easy user interface

Run multiple Layout & Editing windows



Combined dialog box for "Thread colour"

Easy to refer!



"Sewing attribute setting" "text attribute setting"

Data can be copied and pasted between fites!





































It prevents the

It combines some

embroidery from

embroidery patterns

being sewn

into one pattern.



Key to your embroidery success

Lock function

Pencil tool

More detailed realistic preview

Desired pattern(s) can be locked to avoid being

Draw free-handlines as desired


moved or deleted






Easy to

Sewing time


Divide stitch data by thread colour

partially edit!


Lines can be easily removed with the




erasor tool



Cross Stitch

PE-DESIGN8’s Great Features

New features

More Fun features

*Print and Stitch Designs that combine embroidery with printed images can be created.

*More than 500 built-inembroidery designsare available.

The Improved functions in the Image to Stitch Wizard.

_Sepia and grey mode are added to the Photo Stitch andCross-Stitch


_Region can be converted to lines with the Auto Punch Function._Cross Stitches and backstitches can be edited stitch by stitch in Cross Stitch Wizard.

A motif pattern can be applied to the stippling stitch. More User-friendlyfeatures

*Easy User Interface features are added: Sewing Attribute Setting, Thread Color, and Text Attribute Settingare in a combined dialog box, which is easier to use.

The Remove Overlaps and Merge functions are added for editing shapes.

Multiple Layout&Editing windows can be run. Patterns can be copied and pasted between each window.

Improved import function.

2 new arc type transform text patterns are added.

Improved Photo Stitch Wizard: Image size and position can be changed on the Photo Stitch Wizard.

Tools for drawing lines freehand are added.

Stitch data can be divided by colour.

Embroidery patterns can be locked and avoid an undesirable editing.

More detailed realistic preview.

Estimated sewing time function is added.

Enhanced Design Center

_Eraser tool is added to the Tool Box in the Line Image Stage._The maximum setting for Thinning Process when converting a line

image to a figure handle image is increased. This allows thicker figure handle lines to be created.

More professional

Enhanced font function

_TrueType font character can be opened as a template. In addition

custom font can be created automatically from TrueType font. _Characters other than letters of the alphabet, numbers and symbols

can be registered.

_If a template image is open when custom font data is saved in PEF file, the template image will be saved with the data.

Other improved features

The improved underlay stitching function.

_New underlay patterns are added to the setting available for region

sewing of text and manual punching patterns.

_The density for underlay of regions can be set to Dense, Medium or Light.

72 motif stitch patterns(37 are added).

Embroidery hoop sizes 200 x 200 mm( 7.3/4 x 7.3/4 inches) and 200 x 300 mm(7.3/4X11.3/4 inches) are added.

GIF (.gif) format is supported.

More detailed user-friendlyprinted Instllation Guide is added.

General features

• Auto Punch function • Photo Stitch function

Auto Cross Stitch function

Image file formats (*.bmp, *.tif, *.jpg, *.pcx, *.wmf, *.png, *.eps, *.pcd, *.fpx, *.j2k, *.gif)

• Stamp function • Colour Gradation and Blending

• Automatic Appliqué Creation • Creates the large design over the frame

• 35 built-infonts • TrueType fonts • Monogramming • Small fonts

Easy confirming and editing the sewing order, colour and sewing attributes

Stitch Simulator • Create costum stitch patterns with Programmable Stitch Creator. • Create costum font patterns with Font Creator.

• STB function • Manage design files with Design Database.

• 5 line stitches / 10 region stitches • Create portrait image

MINIMUM PC Requirement Before installing the software on your computer, make sure that the computer meets the following requirements.


IBM PC or compatible computer

Operation System

Windows® 2000/XP/VISTA




Pentium 800 MHz or higher


128MB (1GB or more is recommended)



Hard disk free space



XGA(1024x768), 16bit colour or higher




1 available USB


Required for installation




PE-DESIGN8 Package Contents


Upgrade Kit for



Optional Accessories*









PE-DESIGN5/6/7 Users


Embroidery Card Library

Basic Instruction manual

Choose from over 100 design embroidery cards

Instllation Guide

PDF Instruction Manual is included on CD.

*Separate purchase required.

Embroidery Threads

Brother offers a variety of embroidery thread including metallics and flesh tones.

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