Brother 575 User Manual

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Remote Retrieval Access Card

If you plan to receive fax messages while away from the fax machine, carrying the Remote Retrieval Access Card printed below will serve as a convenient reminder of the retrieval procedures. Simply cut out the card and fold it to fit your wallet or organizer. Keeping it handy will help you derive the full benefit of the fax machine’s Forwarding, Paging and Remote Retrieval features.



Using Remote Access Code

1 Dial your fax number from a telephone or fax machine using touch tone.2 When your fax machine answers, immediately enter your Remote Access Code (3 digits followed by ).3 Your Fax machine signals the kinds of messages received:1 long beep — Fax messages No beeps — No messages. 4 After 2 short beeps, enter a command.5 Press9 0 to reset your fax machine when you finish.6 Hang up.


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Press 9 7 1 1 long beep — Fax messages 3 short beeps — No messages

CHANGERECEIVEMODEPress 9 8 then for TAD:ANSWER MACH., press 1. FAX/TEL, press 2. FAX ONLY, press 3.


Remote Retrieval Access Card R - 1

Changing Remote Access Code

"When you are at the machine:"

1Press Menu/Set, 8, 2.

2Enter a three-digitnumber from 000 to 999. Thecannot be changed.

3Press Menu/Set.

4Press Stop/Exit.

Remote Commands


Press 9 5.

then to Turn feature OFF, press 1. Select Fax Forwarding, press 2. Select Paging, press 3.


Program Fax Forwarding Number, press 4. Enter the new fax number where you want your fax messages forwarded followed by .

Select Fax Storage, press 6.


Press 9 6

then to Retrieve all faxes, press 2,

then enter the number of remote fax machine, followed by . After the beep, hang up and wait.

Erase all fax messages, press 3.




- 2





This product meets the applicable industry Canada technical specifications.


The Ringer Equivalence Number is an indication of the maximum number of devices allowed to be connected to a telephone interface.

The termination on an interface may consist of any combination of devices subject only to the requirement that the sum of the RENs of all the devices does not exceed five.


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