Brother 1230PC User Manual

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1230PC / 2430PC

PC Labelling Machines

Easy to use - no software or printer driver installation needed

Design and print high quality, durable labels in seconds

P-touch 1230PC & 2430PC

The need for labelling

There are hundreds of applications for durable, colour coded P-touchlabels in the home, office and place of work.

Improve efficiency by locating clearly labelled file folders, CD/DVD cases and other information quickly. Save time by labelling your telephone with frequently dialled numbers. Place your name on personal possessions to ensure borrowed items are returned. Where there is a need for organisation, there is a need for a P-touchlabel!

Built-insoftware does not need installing

Most printers and other peripherals require complicated installation of software and drivers before they can be used; however, Brother has used the same technology found in USB flash memory drives within the P-touch1230PC and 2430PC. As the label design software is stored inside the labelling machine, whenever you connect the USB cable to your PC simply click on thepop-upmessage to launch the software. This ensures that corporate PCs with restrictions on installing programs can even run the software, whenever required.

The simple, three-stepprocess to label printing...

1Connect the P-touchlabelling machine to your Microsoft Windows PC

2Simply click on the pop-upmessage to run thebuilt-inP-touchEditor Lite label design software

3Design your label and then print

P-touchEditor Lite Features:

Designed for Windows PCs.

Uses any installed True Type font.

Add logos, images, clipart and frames to your labels.

Use the screen capture function to clip images and text from websites.

Easy to use.

Compact, elegant and easy to use

The P-touch1230PC and 2430PC redefine personal label printing. Their compact design uses little desk space, so they fit perfectly at the side of your monitor; they can be powered from standard batteries or an AC adapter. Create personalised, durable labels whenever and wherever they are required.

P-touch2430PC additional features

The P-touch2430PC has valuable additional features, including the capability to print labels up to 24mm in width (twice as wide as thePT-1230PC).Thebuilt-incutter is particularly useful when printing many labels at once – each one is cut to the correct length. TheP-touch2430PC is also supplied with an AC adapter as standard, and a CD containing the ProfessionalP-touchEditor 5.0 software.

Professional software

P-touchEditor 5.0 is Brother’s professional label editing software, allowing the printing of labels directly from Microsoft Word / Excel / Outlook. Barcodes can be added to your labels and, as both models can use batteries, this combination makes an ideal labelling solution for asset management through a portable laptop. This powerful software is supplied on CD(P-touch2430PC only) or is available to download from

Comparison Chart







Easy to use with built-insoftware








No need to install software or printer drivers on your PC








Compact, portable design








Can be powered with batteries or AC adapter








P-touchEditor 5.0 professional software supplied on CD








Print wider labels (up to 24mm)








Automatic cutter








AC adapter included








Full length 8 metre tape supplied








P-touchlaminated labels – designed to last

Unlike ordinary labels, Brother P-touchlaminated TZ tapes consist of six layers of materials, resulting in a thin, extremely strong label. Characters are formed with a thermal transfer ink and sandwiched between two protective layers of PET (polyester film).

We’ve tested them to the extreme, against the effects of abrasion, temperature, chemicals and sunlight. Results prove that Brother P-touchlaminated labelsout-performcompetitor labels, so you can be confident of a professional quality label that has been designed to last.

protective coating (PET) 38µm


adhesive (Acryl)



base film (PET)

adhesive (acrylic)



backing paper



Easy Peel

Fade Resist-
























Specifications - Hardware






Tape Sizes

3.5, 6, 9, 12mm TZ Tape



3.5, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24mm TZ Tape






Cutter Type










Maximum Print Height










Label Length




25-300mm (P-touchEditor Lite)25-1000mm (P-touchEditor 5.0)

Print Resolution



180 dpi





Print Speed


10mm / second





Print Method


Thermal Transfer






Automatic Tape Size Detection










6 x AAA (LR03) batteries (not supplied)



6 x AA (LR6) batteries (not supplied)


AD-24AC Adapter (Optional Accessory)



AD-24AC Adapter (Included)


USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbps)






Unit Dimensions

53mm(W) x 158mm(D) x 112mm(H)



66mm(W) x 188mm(D) x 112mm(H)






Unit Weight











P-touch1230PC Labelling Machine



P-touch2430PC Labelling Machine


• 1 x 12mm Black on White TZ tape (5 metres)


• AC adapter (Model AD-24)


• USB Cable (1.5m)



• 1 x 24mm Black on White TZ tape (8 metres)


• User Guide



• USB Cable





• CD ROM (P-touchEditor 5.0 for Windows®, Printer Driver)





• User Guide






Optional Accessories

AC Adapter (Model AD-24)









Specifications – Software





P-touchEditor Lite


P-touchEditor 5.0

Language Support

English / French / German / Dutch / Italian


English / French / German / Dutch / Italian / Spanish Por-


Spanish / Portuguese / Danish / Norwegian


tuguese / Danish / Norwegian / Swedish


Swedish / Finnish / Czech / Hungarian / Polish



Number of Fonts Available

All installed True Type Fonts




Image Support

Image formats: BMP / JPG / TIF / PNG / GIF / DIB / WMF / EMF / ICO


Screen Capture Function





Number of Auto Formats



109 formats in 12 categories





Number of Frames








No of Barcodes Supported








Sequential Numbering

1-200 /A – Z / a - z


1-5000 /A – Z / a – z

Number of Copies






Database Connection Support



csv, txt, mdb, xls




Microsoft® SQL Server Database (Windows® only)

Save label designs for later use







System Requirements

Operating System

Microsoft Windows® 2000 Professional /



System Memory

Windows® 2000 Professional - 128MB


Windows XP® - 128MB minimum


Windows Vista® - 512MB minimum




USB Port (USB Spec. 1.1 or 2.0



Graphic Card





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