Broil King COB-Q User Manual

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Cajun Homefries

Per 1 lb of potatoes diced

·5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

·3 tablespoons of Old Bay® seasoning

·1 teaspoon of cayanne pepper or chili powder

·1 red sweet pepper diced (about 5 oz.)

·1 small white onion diced

Whisk together extra virgin olive oil, Old Bay® seasoning, cayenne pepper, peppers, and onions in a bowl. Place potatoes in bowl and toss to completely coat them. Place BroilKing Oven Basket on a sheet pan and empty potatoes into the basket. Make sure potatoes are completely spread out in a single layer. Place basket in a BroilKing Convection Oven set at 390 degrees F. Set time for 10 minutes.

Suggestions: Place sheet pan under basket to catch excess drippings during cooking process.


BroilKing warrants that this Heat Plate be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 30 days from date of purchase. A copy of your original purchase receipt is required for proof of purchase date. This warrantydoes not cover consequential damage of any kind or damages resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, or external service or repair attempts by unauthorized personnel. Inquiries concerning this warranty and the use and maintenance of this unit should be directed to BroilKing.

To obtain service during warranty period, call BroilKing at 860- 738-2200for a Return Authorization Number.

This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser and does not apply to shipping damage, accidental breakage, alteration, tampering, misuse or abuse, commercial use, unreasonable use, or damage to the product (not resulting from defect or malfunction) while in the possession of the consumer. Nonstick or other coatings are not covered by this warranty.

BroilKing disclaims all responsibility for consequential, incidental, or commercial losses caused by the use of this product. Some states do not allow this exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential losses, so the foregoing disclaimer may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other legal rights, which vary from state to state. Warranty is applicable only in USA.)

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Congratulations on your purchase of a BroilKing Oven Basket!


l Enhance even airflow around food for quicker, crisper resultsl Stainless steel oven basket

l Fit Cadco convection ovens & most other brands


l Fries: Krinkle Cut, Curly

l Potato Product: Potato Puffs,

Hash Browns, Roasted Potatoes

l Onion RingslRoasted Vegetables

l Chicken Wings: Buffalo, BBQ

l Chicken Product: Nuggets, Tenders

l Seafood: Shrimp, Fish Sticks,

Oven Specific Battered Fish

l Appetizers: Corn Dogs, Mozzarella Sticks,

Stuffed Jalapeños, Etc.

Easy & Savory Oven Fry Coating/Roasted Potato Coating

½ lb of oven fries or diced potatoes (can be used on pre-coatedfries & potatoes)

·3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

·1 teaspoon garlic powder

·1 teaspoon parsley

·1 teaspoon oregano

·½ teaspoon Kosher salt

·½ teaspoon fresh cracked pepper

Combine ingredients in bowl. Spread out fries on a sheet pan and evenly distribute coating on the fries. Place in BroilKing Oven Basket. Set convection oven at 400 degrees F, and set time for 10 minutes.

Simple Buffalo Sauce & Wing Coating

2 Dozen Chicken Wings (w/o pre-coating)

·4 cups plain bread crumbs

·¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

·12 oz. salted butter

·½ cup Texas Pete® hot sauce, or favorite hot sauce

·2 teaspoons corn starch

Coat wings in extra virgin olive oil. In a bowl, dredge wings in bread crumbs. Place wings in BroilKing Oven Basket and into

BroilKing Convection Oven until almost fully cooked. For small to medium size wings 400 degrees F for 14 – 15 minutes. In a skillet, melt butter over medium heat. After butter is completely melted, pour in Texas Pete® hot sauce. Stir to incorporate.

Then stir in corn starch to thicken. Place wings back in bowl. Pour sauce over wings and toss to completely coat them.

Place wings back in basket and return to oven to set sauce and finish cooking the wings for about 3-4minutes.