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Espresso Machine Cafetière à Espresso ESP6SXL

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on the purchase of your new

Breville Café Modena Espresso Machine



4 Breville Recommends Safety First

7 Know Your Breville Café Modena

Espresso Machine

8 Operating Your Breville Café Modena

Espresso Machine

9 Tips on Making the Perfect Espresso

15 Care, Cleaning and Storage

17 Troubleshooting

19 Coffee Variations

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We at Breville are very safety conscious. We design and manufacture consumer products with the safety of you, our valued customer foremost in mind. In addition we ask that you exercise a degree of care when using any electrical appliance and adhere to the following precautions:

Important safeguards

Read all instructions

Carefully read all instructions before operating and save for future reference.

To protect against fire, electrical shock and injury to persons do not immerse the appliance, cord or plug in water or any other liquid.

This appliance is for household use only.

Do not use this appliance for other than its intended use. Do not use outdoors.

The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision.

Do not leave the appliance unattended when in use.

Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles.

Always use the appliance on a dry, level surface.

Do not place this appliance on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or where it could touch a heated oven.

Do not let the cord hang over the edge of a table or counter, touch hot surfaces or become knotted.

The use of accessory attachments not recommended by Breville may cause a risk of injury to persons, fire or electric shock.

Always switch the appliance to “OFF”, and then remove plug from the power outlet when the appliance is not being used and before cleaning.

Regularly inspect the supply cord, plug and actual appliance for any damage. If found damaged in any way, immediately cease use of the appliance

and call Breville Customer Service at 1-866-BREVILLE.

For any maintenance other than cleaning, call Breville Customer Service at 1-866-BREVILLE.

Refer servicing to qualified personnel.

This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug is intended to fit into a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to modify the plug in any way.

Allow to cool before putting on or taking off parts, and before cleaning the appliance.

To disconnect, turn all controls to ‘OFF’, then remove plug from power outlet.





Only use cold water in the water tank. Do not use any other liquid.

Never use the machine without water in it.

Ensure the filter holder is firmly secured when using the machine.

Never remove the filter holder during the brewing operation as the machine is under pressure.


Your Breville appliance comes with the unique Assist™ Plug, conveniently designed with a finger hole in the power plug, for easy and safe removal from the outlet. For safety reasons it is recommended you plug your Breville

appliance directly into the power outlet. DO NOT use in conjunction with a power strip or extension cord.


Your Espresso Machine has a short cord as a safety precaution to prevent personal injury or property damage resulting from pulling, tripping or becoming entangled with the cord. Do not allow children to be near or use this appliance without close adult supervision. If you must use a longer cord or an extension cord when using the appliance, the cord must be arranged so it will not drape or hang over the edge of a countertop, tabletop or surface area where it can be pulled on by young children or tripped over. To prevent electric shock, personal injury or fire, the electrical rating of the extension cord you use must be

the same or more than the wattage of the appliance (wattage is marked on the underside of the appliance).

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65: (Applicable to California residents only).

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.




your Breville Café Modena Espresso Machine



Power On/Off


‘Power On’ light (red) illuminates when the

machine is turned on

15 bar pump

Thermoblock heating system

Selector Control

for Espresso

and Steam

‘HEATING’ light (orange) illuminates to indicate that the machine is heating and will turn off when the correct temperature has been reached. This light will cycle on and off during operation to indicate the machine is maintaining the correct temperature.

Removable 40fl oz (1.2 liter) water tank

Water level indicator

External water window

Steam wand with froth enhancer

Steam baffle

Removable drip tray and grid



your Breville Café Modena Espresso Machine



Before Using your Espresso Machine

Wash the filter holder and the stainless steel filters in mild detergent and water. Rinse thoroughly.

Filling The Water Tank

1.Ensure the Power switch is set to the ‘OFF’ position and the Selector Control is set to the ‘STAND BY’ position.

2.Unplug the appliance from the power outlet.

3.Lift up the water tank lid and remove the water tank. Fill with cold water to the maximum mark and replace in the machine, pressing down firmly so that the water valve opens. Close the water tank lid.


The water tank should be filled with fresh cold water before use. Check water level before use and replace the water daily. Do not use mineral or distilled water.

Pre-Heatingthe Machine

For optimal créma, it is recommended to carry out a complete brewing operation with water but without any coffee grinds before making your first coffee to ensure that the machine has been preheated.

1.Make sure the Selector Control is in the ‘STAND BY’ position.

2.Plug the power cord into a 120V electrical outlet. Set the power switch to the ‘ON’ position.

3.As soon as the orange ‘HEATING’ light turns off, set the Selector Control to the ‘ESPRESSO’ position and run a small amount of water through the brewing head for a few seconds without the filter holder in place.


For optimal coffee temperature, pre-warmthe espresso cups by placing them on the cup warming plate.

Tips on Making the Perfect Espresso

Don’t just rely on your coffee maker to do all the work. Making a good cup of coffee is an art.

Water Flow

If you’re making an espresso, make sure the water flows through the coffee filter at the correct rate. If it’s too slow, the coffee will be over-extracted- too dark and bitter, with a mottled and uneven créma on top. If it flows too quickly, the coffee will be underextracted - the proper flavor won’t have had time to develop. You can adjust the water flow by tamping (pressing down) the coffee firmly or by changing the grind of the coffee.

The Coffee

It is recommended to grind the beans just before the infusion. Ground coffee can keep its flavor, for a very long time if it is stored in an air tight container placed in a freezer.

The Grind

1.If using pre-groundcoffee, ensure you purchase an espresso grind for espresso/cappuccino machines.

2.If grinding your own beans the coffee must be ground fine, but not too fine. It can affect the taste and the rate the water flows through it.

3.If the grind is too fine, the water will not flow through the coffee even under pressure (this grind looks like powder and feels like flour when rubbed between fingers).

4.If the grind is too coarse, the water flows through the coffee too fast, preventing a full flavored extraction.



Preparing the coffee

1.Place the 1 or 2 cup filter into the filter holder (use the smaller filter for 1 cup / 1oz and the larger filter for 2 cups / 2oz or 2 singles at the same time). When brewing for a mug of coffee always use the 2 cup fitter and only extract 2 oz. If you require a larger coffee, add the hot water first and then brew the coffee.

2.Use 1 level measure of ground espresso coffee for the 1 cup filter and 2 level measures for the 2 cup filter. It is important to use the correct amount of coffee for each filter as the filter perforations have been constructed to utilize the pressure in the machine to extract optimal flavor with each brewing.

3.Distribute the coffee evenly and press it lightly with the bottom of the measuring spoon (if there is too much coffee, the flow of water can become blocked).

4.Clean any excess coffee from the rim of the filter holder to ensure a proper fit under the brew head.

5.Place the filter holder underneath the brew head so that the handle is positioned to the left of center. Lift the filter holder until it contacts the brew head and slowly rotate to the right. This will lock it in place.