Boston Acoustics GTA-802 User Manual

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Tuning The Amplifier - Front Speakers and Subwoofer(s)

4) Front Crossover Control Cont.

Slowly rotate the input sensitivity control clockwise until maximum undistorted playing level is heard from the speakers. Listen closely for bottoming from the speakers. If detected, rotate the input sensitivity control counterclockwise until it is eliminated. Slowly rotate the highpass crossover control counterclockwise while listening for bottoming. You are lowering the crossover point, which means that more bass signal is being sent to the speakers. If bottoming is detected, rotate the input sensitivity control counterclockwise until it is eliminated and/or rotate the Highpass crossover control clockwise to raise the crossover point.

5) Rear Crossover Control

Move the selector switch to “LP” (refer to the diagram on page 3). In this setting, lowpass signal is sent to the speaker outputs. Experiment with the crossover point settings while the subwoofer is active. A higher setting will increase the perceived output, and a lower setting will make the bass response more omnidirectional.

6) Q-Tune Control

Once the crossover point has been determined, you may choose to use Q-Tune to increase the bass information.Q-Tunewill offer a +6dB bass boost centered at 45Hz which can be beneficial if more low bass output is desired. To engageQ-Tunemove the selector switch to the “ON” position (refer to the diagram on page 3).

7) Optional GTA-RSLControl

The optional remote level control (GTA-RSL)gives you independent level adjustment of the subwoofer’s output level beyond the standard system volume control. Please refer to the RSL’s manual for installation instruction. TheGTA-RSLis available separately, please consult your authorized Boston Acoustics dealer.

Note; If using the GTA-504to run front and rear speakers, set rearX-overto HP and follow set up/tuning instructions for the front channels for rear.

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504-GTA- Amplifier The Tuning

onnection Diagram:


Front Speakers and a Subwoofer


owpass Rear w/ Q-Tune On

Amplifier Troubleshooting Guide

Status LEDs on Amplifier not Lit—HeadUnit (Source) Turned “ON”

Verify Remote turn-onwire from source to amplifier has proper voltage

Power (B+) connections at amplifier, terminal blocks, and battery are secure Ground (GND) connections at amplifier and vehicle chassis are secure Battery B+ fuse and amplifier fuse are OK

B+ at battery and B+ at amplifier have proper voltage

Status LEDs Lit, no Output from Speakers—Speakersin Normal Operating Condition

Verify High-levelcables from speaker(s) to amplifier are securely connected

RCA or Speaker Level Input from amplifier to source are securely connected Sensitivity adjustment on amplifier is correctly adjusted

Engine Noise from Speaker(s)

Turn source “OFF” and disconnect RCA cables at amplifier

If noise stops, check equipment and cables leading to amplifier Verify RCA cables are of good quality with no breakage to internal shields

RCA cables from source to amplifier are not run alongside power

Amplifier Output Distorted—Musicnot Recorded with Intentional Distortion

Verify Source output to amplifier is not distorted

Amplifier input sensitivity is correctly adjusted

Amplifier Shutting Down, RED LED Lit—Amplifierin Thermal Protection Mode

Verify Amplifier is mounted with adequate space around heatsink Amplifier is not mounted under carpet

Speakers meet correct impedance for application (mono or stereo hookup)

Amplifier not Turning “ON”, RED LED Lit—Amplifiernot Connected to a Shorted Speaker

Verify Speaker crossover is not defective

High-levelcables from speaker to amplifier are not shorted

Amplifier not Turning “ON”, RED LED Lit—Speakers,Crossovers, and Cable OK


Internal fuse needs to be replaced


Replace fuse with fuse of same value

Amplifier not Turning “ON”, RED LED Lit—Speakers,Crossovers, and Cable OK

Amplifier requires service

If Service Seems Necessary:

First, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product, or contact us via e-mailat:

USA and Canada:



Asia/Pacific countries:

We will promptly advise you of what action to take.

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