BOSS BV-15FLIP User Manual

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15" Flip Down TFT Monitor

with Built-InIR Audio Transmitter

Congratulations on your purchase of a Video Monitor.

It has been designed, engineered and manufactured to bring you the highest level of performance and quality, and will afford you years of viewing pleasure.

Thank you for making your

choice in car video entertainment!

U S E R ’ S M A N U A L


2 General precautions

2Safety precautions

3Installation precautions

3Operation precautions


4What is included?

5Monitor controls and features

6Remote control

6Replacing the remote control battery

7System wiring

8Monitor installation

9Releasing and lowering the monitor

10Powering up the monitor

10Turning on the dome lights

11On-screendisplay system

14Infrared audio transmission



BV15FLIP User’s Manual - Page 1

General precautions

Please read this manual completely and carefully prior to attempting to install your new mobile video equipment. Installed correctly, your

equipment will provide you with years of enjoyable and safe usage.

Installation of this equipment in any portion of a vehicle which impairs or distracts the driver is improper and dangerous assumes no liability whatsoever for failure to follow the proper installation of this product.

Please keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.

Safety precautions

Do not operate this equipment while driving – safe driving should always be your highest priority.

This product should not be installed in a location which allows the monitor screen to be visible to the driver of the vehicle. In some states and countries, the viewing of images on a screeen inside a vehicle is illegal, even by people other than the driver. Be sure that the installation and operation of this system is in compliance with local rules and regulations.

Do not open or attempt to repair this unit yourself. Dangerous high voltages are present which may result in electric shock. Refer any repairs to a qualified service technician.

Do not attempt to repair a damaged, broken or faulty power cord. Replace it with a new one immediately.

To avoid risk of electronic shock or damage to the monitor, do not permit any of this equipment to become damp or wet from water or drinks. If this does occur, immediately unplug the power cord and send the monitor to your local dealer or service center as soon as possible.

If there is smoke or any peculiar odor present during use, or if there is damage to any of the component enclosures, immediately unplug the power cord and send the monitor to your local dealer or service center as soon as possible .

SHOCK HAZARD! Do not open the case of this product. There are dangerous voltages present within the unit. There are no user-serviceable parts within the unit.

BV15FLIP User’s Manual - page 2

Installation precautions

Choose a mounting location in your vehicle where the unit will not distract or otherwise interfere with the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.

Do not install components in areas which are susceptible to rain, moisture, direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold, excessive dust, dirt or humidity.

If installation requires drilling holes or other modifications to the vehicle, consult with your nearest dealer or professional car audio installer.

Use only the installation parts and hardware provided with the unit to ensure proper installation. Using other parts can cause malfunction and possible damage to your video monitor.

Use only a power source with 12 Volts DC (negative ground).

Before final installation, temporarily connect the wiring according to the diagram near the end of this manual, check it to ensure that it has been connected properly, and test the unit to make sure it is working correctly.

After the monitor is installed, do not arbitrarily pull it down or strike it. This may loosen the mounting screws and cause it to fall down.

Operating precautions

Turn the unit off when it is not in use.

Avoid dropping any metal objects or inflammable items into the monitor ventilation slots.

Do not place objects on or suspend objects from the power cord, as this may damage the cord.

BV15FLIP User’s Manual - page 3


Your new video monitor features the following:

TFT Active Matrix LCD display

Built-ininfrared audio transmitter

(for use with model HP-10headphones, sold separately)

Overhead console mounting bracket

On-screenmenu system

Audio/video input controls

Built-indome lights

Wireless remote control

What is included?

When first unpacking your new flipdown monitor, please check first that the package contains all of the items below. If something is missing, contact the store where you purchased the player.

LCD monitor housing

Wireless remote control with battery

RCA-RCAvideo cable

Video/power interface cable with inline fuse

Metal mounting plate

(4) Silver sheet metal screws

(for attaching mounting plate to ceiling)

• (6) Black machine screws

(for attaching monitor to mounting plate)

BV15FLIP User’s Manual - page 4

Monitor Controls and Features









These buttons are used to decrease or increase the value of the parameter currently selected in the menu system.


This button enables the on-screendisplay menu system. Once enabled, this button is used as a SELECT button.



BV15FLIP User’s Manual - page 5

Remote Control








Press to turn unit ON or OFF.








These buttons are used to increase




or decrease parameters in the on-




screen display menu system.








This button enables the on-screen




display menu system. Once enabled,




this button is used as a SELECT













Use this button to switch between




A/V Source 1 and A/V Source 2.








Press this button to turn off the audio




part of the program you are watching.




Press again to turn it back on.



Replacing the battery in the

remote control

The remote battery is held in a small “drawer” on one edge of the remote. To open this drawer, press and hold the small button on the edge of this drawer (as shown below) and slide the drawer out.

Insert a new battery and push the drawer back fully into the remote.


Release button

BV15FLIP User’s Manualpage 6

System wiring

Using the wires provided, complete the audio, video and power connections in your vehicle as shown in the diagram below.




(DVD player, video game, etc.)
























to Chassis Ground



















































































































to +12 VDC (constant)


































to +12 VDC (dome light trigger)












































































































































to Chassis Ground

















































BV15FLIP User’s Manual - page 7

Monitor installation

CAUTION: Make sure the screws are NOT long enough to go through the roof!

If you have any doubts about this type of installation, please consult your local mobile electronics retailer. Making holes in the roof of your vehicle will cause damage which is expensive to repair.

NOTE BRACKET ORIENTATION (notches to front and back)

Attach the monitor mounting plate by screwing through the headliner and into the existing roof supports or the wood bracket you made (see TIP below).

Before screwing monitor to bracket, remove paper from self-adhesivepads to provide stability during installation.

Align monitor base on the six screwposts on the mounting plate, and use the six machine screws provided to attach the monitor to the plate.


Make a MOUNTING BRACKET out of wood. This bracket mounts under the headliner, and provides a mounting surface to which the housing of the flip-downmonitor can be attached.

BV15FLIP User’s Manual - page 8

Releasing and lowering the monitor

To lower the monitor, press the Monitor Release button and pull the monitor down. It will drop freely to 45º.

To lower the monitor further, continue pulling down and the internal mechanism will permit further movement and will hold the monitor in the position in which you leave it.

PUSH the monitor release button

Pull the monitor s down to the desir

To avoid accidental damage, we suggest you always close the monitor assembly when it is not in use. Test that it is secured by gently pulling down on monitor frame.

BV15FLIP User’s Manual - page 9

Powering up the monitor

To turn the monitor on, press the POWER button on the monitor or the remote control.

To adjust the monitor image, press MENU to access the On-ScreenDisplay system. See the next page for details on all the functions available for adjustment.

Turning on the dome lights

This monitor features a two-positionswitch for controlling thebuilt-indome lights. The center position of the switch (marked with a "0") turns the lights off. The position marked "I" will permit the dome lights to come on whenever the vehicle's built in dome lights are on. The "II" position turns the lights on until you move the switch to a different position.

Three position dome light switch

BV15FLIP User’s Manual - page 10