BOSS AVA-1404 User Manual

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For bmi'&sults, please consult a professional car stereo installer forapplication advice or troubleshootingTo guarantee best performance,we recommend usingBOSS Link installation accessories,such asRCA interconnects, power cablesand speaker wire. Thank youfor choosing products foryour autosound system.

A graphic equalizer i s a high-fidelityaudio control thatdlows youto graphically viewand individually control a number of different frequency bands ina stereophonic system.

A typical graphic equalizer consistsof several audlo filters, each centwed at:a specific frequency inthe audio range-TheB3s"a

AVA-I 204 andAVA-1404equalizers enable you tocut or octst the output.level by upto 12dR asdesired at thefollowing frequencies:

t i 0 I . t ~ 150Hz 400Hzr 1kHz 3kHz= 6kHz15kHz

The AVA-1204andAVA-1404have internal ON/OFF circuittywhich responds to turningON or OFF thehead unit of your car audio system.This requiresthat yourhead unit have a remoteturn-onlead availableon the rearpanel (which mosthead unitshave).

With this convenient remoteturn-on/offfeature, you never haveto worry about turningoff the power to the equalizer whenyou shut off the audiosystem.


The AVA- 1204and AVA-1404do not have Volume Level controls, Therefore,all of youraudlo system level controlsare made at the head unit or,in the caseof the subwoofer output, at the amplifier

(or its remote control unit) dedicated tothe subwooferchannel.

In the caseof the amplified modelAVA-1404,the amplifier inthe equalizer unitadds avery large powerboost! Sowhen you first turnon the system,be sure your headunit volume control is set atthe minimumlevel. Then you can raise it slowly to seethe effectthe new equalizer hason the overall system volume level.

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The AVA- I 404 andAVA-1404are designedto be installedto the"* urtderside&f your vehicle dashboard or other similarsurface using, the screws and brackets provided.Install the unit securely, according:. to the diagram below.


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