Bogen HFSF1 User Manual

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Model HFSF1

The Bogen HFSF1 High-Fidelity,Small-FootprintCeiling Loudspeaker delivers superior sound in a very compactDescription enclosure.The speaker measures7-1/4"diameter and mounts easily in all types of ceilings – including existing

hard-surfacedtypes and suspended type.

Several levels of power output can be controlled directly from the front baffle via a rotary tap selector switch under the grille.The low-distortion,coaxial-designspeaker, coupled with acomputer-matchedventing system, delivers superb fidelity for music as well as high intelligibility for voice reinforcement. Coupled with the Bogen CSUB Ceiling Subwoofer, it provides the perfect solution for environments that require thehighest-qualitysound with minimal visual impact.


Superior sound in a very compact enclosure


Wide-dispersioncoaxial driver for broad, even



coverage; superb off-axisresponse


Small footprint, visually appealing


Only 7-1/4"face diameter


Installs in wide range of ceiling types


For 70V and low-impedancesystems


Selectable power taps via front-mountedcontrol



(under grille); 16, 8, 4, 2, 1 watts at 70V


16-ohmInput setting forlow-impedancesystems



(Selectable via front-mountedcontrol, under grille)


Quick wiring with removable plug-inconnector

Plug-inconnector providesloop-throughterminals for next speaker

Terminal cover provides knockout for flexible conduit connection

Compounded rubber surround for lasting performance year after year

Integral mounting clamps tighten quickly and firmly

Attachment point for seismic safety cable

Off-whitetextured finish easily painted to match room decor

Available accessories:Tile Bridge Support (TBSF), Safety Cable (CK10), both sold separately

Specifications subject to change without notice. © 2008 Bogen Communications, Inc. 54-8023-38A0807

Frequency Response*:

78 Hz to 20 kHz




Architect &



The loudspeaker shall be a Bogen Model HFSF1 HighFidelity, Small-Footprintceiling speaker or approved equivalent, consisting of one 4" (nominal)low-frequen-cy transducer;one 3/4" (nominal)high-frequencytransducer; and a filter network for dividing frequencies between the transducers. Frequency response shall be 78 Hz to 20 kHz. Sensitivity, measured 1 watt at 1 meter,shall be 86 dBspl.Max.power input shall be 50W at 16 ohms, or 16W at 70V.

The front baffle shall be injection-moldedABS material and the enclosure (back can) shall be plated steel. All components shall be mounted inside the enclosure.

The baffle bezel shall be supplied in off-whitewith a mild texture finish to promote paint adhesion, if desired.A perforated steel speaker grille shall be provided, colormatched to the bezel.

The low-frequencydriver shall utilize a molded polypropylene diaphragm (cone). A compounded rubber surround shall be formulated to withstand environmental conditions with high or low heat, high or low humidity, andultra-violetlight.

The high-frequencydriver shall utilize a diaphragm consisting of black polycarbonate.

Integral swing-outclamps shall provide a secure installation in the ceiling surface.A safety cable attachment point shall be included on the side of the steel enclosure.An optional10-footlong cable kit shall be available to serve as a backup safety cable (Model CK10). An optional tile bridge support installation bracket shall provide additional support when mounting the loudspeaker in suspended ceilings (ModelTBSF).

The input connector shall be a 4-screwpluggable input connector, providingloop-throughterminals for additional speakers.

Power input selection shall be via a front-mountedrotary switch,located under the removable grille.Highimpedance tap selections (70V) shall be 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1 watts. Alow-impedance16-ohminput shall also be available via the rotary switch.

The speaker shall require a minimum vertical clearance of 7-1/8"from the front surface of the ceiling. Overall dimensions of the speaker shall not exceed7-1/4"Diameter ×7-1/2"Deep.Weight shall be 4.5 lb.

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