Bogen DCM290P User Manual

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5-DiscCD Player


This 5-DiscCD Player is capable of loading and removing discs without interrupting play. Plays audio CDs as well asCD-R/RWdiscs with MP3 and WMA files. A rack mounting kit is included.

P r o d u c t F e a t u r e s :

5-DiscCD changer

Load or remove discs without interrupting play mode

Stereo output via analog RCA jacks and digital output via coaxial and optical jacks

Program up to 32 tracks from up to five separate discs

MP3 and WMA decoders

Infrared remote control

3-moderandom playback(full random, program random, disc sequential random)

Includes rack mount kit (3 rack spaces)

UL and C-ULlisted






Power Requirements:








17-1/8"W x4-3/4"H x15-3/4"D



(without Rack Kit)


Product Weight:

13 lb.









*This product is not covered by Bogen Limited Warranty. Please contact Customer Service for warranty information on this product.

Output Connections

The DCM290P provides separate stereo outputs via analog RCA connectors and digital optical and coaxial connectors.

MP3/WMA Decoders

MP3/WMA decoders play finalized CD- R/RW discs containing MP3 or WMA audio files. A single CD-R/RWdisc can contain up to 10 times more tracks than an ordinary audio CD. Installations requiringlong-playbackground music are excellent applications forCD-R/RWdiscs containing a large number of MP3 files.

Playback Modes

Audio track selection can be configured in a variety of ways for playback. Tracks can be played back sequentially or randomly, manually or programmed (up to 32 tracks) from any one or up to five loaded discs. Random playback functions include random playback of tracks from one, all or programmed tracks from the loaded discs. Once all tracks are played back in random order, "repeat playback" plays back the same selected tracks in a different random order.

Intelligent Disc Scan

When using the remote control, the disc skip button rotates the carousel tray clockwise or counterclockwise when searching for a disc for faster playback.




The TP30D is a compact, commercial-gradeAM/FM tuner for background music applications. The 18 FM and 12 AM station presets can be automatically scanned to make finding a desired station quick and easy. Stations are tuned usingpush-buttoncontrols and the backlit LCD display.

P r o d u c t F e a t u r e s :

Provides background music on paging systems and MOH for telephone systems

PLL-synthesizedtuning fordrift-freeoperation


Large, easy-to-readbacklit LCD station frequency display (orange)

18 FM and 12 AM station presets

Automatic scanning of station presets

Stereo or mono operation

Excellent sensitivity, image rejection and frequency response

Precise tuning and superior signal quality

Low hum, low noise, low distortion

75-ohmand300-ohmantenna connectors

Includes FM dipole antenna and AM loop


Rack-mountable(1 rack space) with an accessory mounting kit

Output cables included

UL and C-ULlisted






Power Requirements:









10-1/2"W x1-5/8"H x7-1/8"D







Product Weight:

6 lb.










Antenna Connections

Anyone who has installed a tuner inside an industrial building knows that radio signals don’t penetrate too far into these steel-lacedstructures. Because the TP30D is designed for industrial installations, it contains inputs for both external300-ohm(twin line) and75-ohm(coaxial) antenna feeds. The75-ohminput uses an “f” connector and is ideal for receiving feeds from antenna distribution systems or cable systems. For convenience, the TP30D also provides abuilt-inantenna that uses the AC line cord as its antenna for those situations that are less demanding.

Whether sitting on a shelf or mounted in a rack, the TP30D is a great choice for an industrial-gradetuner.



Rack Mount






Paging Input Details

The RM350D is oftentimes installed in retail locations for supplying background music alone, but it has a full-featuredmicrophone paging input that makes it ideal for more demanding installations.The microphone input is alow-impedancebalanced input that works with dynamic microphones. Whenever a page is made, the background music is muted. This can be done in two ways: 1) audio activity on the MIC input, or 2) a switch contact closure. For enhanced flexibility,the RM350D can be set to respond to either a normally open or normally closed switch contact. The DDU250 and MBS1000A(see page 58) are perfect desktop microphones for this application since they each have apush-to-talk function.

By using aWMT1A matching transformer, the MIC input can be connected to the paging port of a telephone system. The audio-activatedmute function of the RM350D will cause the background music to mute whenever a page is made. In addition, this input also has automatic level control (ALC), which controls how loud a page can be and ensures that people with loud voices don’t boom over the paging system.


The RM350D lets you make the most of your paging/background music system. A Pre-Pageoutput connector on the rear of the unit supplies only the background music without any of the paging announcements. Connect this output to the telephone system’smusic-on-holdinput and callers will enjoy the background music too.ThePre-Pageoutput will supply either the tuner or AUX program material depending on the setting of the AUX/Tuner button.

Speaker Zones

Built into the RM350D is a convenient 4- zone selector switch group. These push- on/push-offswitches allow you to control how paging is distributed throughout a facility. Simply turn on and off groups of speakers as needs change. An “ALL” button is also provided to turn on all system speakers, overriding any individual setting.



Rack Mount Kit

(2 rack spaces)






The RM350D is a unique self-containedpaging system with an AM/FM tuner, providing 35 watts of paging power. Alow-impedance,balanced microphone input is provided for microphone paging announcements or telephone paging when used with an accessory transformer (WMT1A). Amusic-onlyoutput can feedannouncement-freebackground music to other equipment or to a telephonemusic-on-holdinput.

P r o d u c t F e a t u r e s :

35-Wattamplifier for 4- to8-ohm,25V, or 70V speaker systems

Built-inAM/FM tuner

18 FM and 12 AM station presets

PLL-synthesizedtuning fordrift-freeoperation

2 inputs: 1 MIC (Lo-Z),1 AUX(Hi-Z)

Four speaker zone switches allow paging in up to four different areas, any combination, or All-Call

Single button control for All-Call

Tuner/AUX selector switch

Auxiliary input for external music sources

Automatic muting of background music during pages (voice-activated)

Music mute optionally controlled with external contact closure (N.O. or N.C.)

Automatic Level Control of microphone announcements assures excellent intelligibility

Separate controls for music, volume, bass, treble, and microphone input for paging announcements

Music-onlyoutput unaffected by volume or tone controls

Push-buttontuner controls

Large, easy-to-read,backlit LCD station frequency display(orange)

FM dipole antennas included

Compact, heavy-duty,commercial-gradeconstruction

Rack-mountablewith accessory mounting kit

Stereo-to-monoAUX input cables included

UL and C-ULlisted






Power Requirements:








12" W x 3-1/2"H x8-1/2"D






Product Weight:

13 lb.









AUX Input -



Automatic Level Control Switch -


Antenna Connections -




Can accept signal from



Switch controls the ALC circuit.


Connections for 300-ohm,

a CD Player, or other



When ON, the ALC will maintain


75-ohmcoax, or for AM




a uniform output level between mi-


loop antenna.





crophone users.




























































Microphone XLR





Impedance Selector-


Speaker Outputs & Zones-



Input - Accepts a


Output contains tuner or


An impedance

Provides for connection of

balanced, Lo-Z


auxiliary program material,


jumper is provided to

70V, 25V, and 4- and 8-ohm



but no paging. For use as


set the output signal

speakers in up to




telephone on-holdmusic


on the zone taps.

4 speaker zones.




source. The output is


Tape/Boost Output-






independent of the tone








Tape recorder connection






and volume controls.








or feed to another






















The CDR1 is a combination

CD Player and AM/FM Receiver, providing reliable, economic background music for sound systems.

P r o d u c t F e a t u r e s :

Single Disc CD Player & AM/FM Receiver




Stereo & Mono signal out




1W minimum, @8-ohmsstereo output






Power Requirements:

12V DC/3A

Adjustable loudness contour






12or24-hourtime display



7-1/4"W x2-1/8"H x9-1/4"D

AUX input via 1/8" stereo jack






Product Weight:

4 lb.

Pluggable screw terminal connector






for antenna & speaker wiring









Rack-mountable(2 rack spaces)




w/accessory mounting kit




External power supply(UL and C-UL listed) included



CD Player:Plays CD,CD-R,andCD-RWdiscs




Browse, Repeat, Random Play, and Pause functions



Receiver: 30 Station presets: 5 selectable bands (3 FM and 2 AM) can be programmed with 6 stations each

Manual Tuner, Auto Seek, and Preset Scan features

Pluggable screw terminal inputs for AM loop and FM dipole antennas

F-Typeconnector for coaxial75-ohmantenna

Space Saving

The CDR1 is an excellent choice for supplying background music to a paging system. It incorporates a full-featuredreceiver and CD player in an extremely compact size. Whenrack-mountedusing the optional mounting kit, the CDR1 fits in 2 rack spaces.

Dual Outputs

A unique feature of the CDR1 is its dual outputs. Since it is designed for paging systems, a set of signal level RCA outputs is available on the rear of the unit.These outputs can feed the music or AUX inputs of a paging system directly. But the CDR1 also contains a pair of 1-wattoutputs that can drive8-ohmspeakers directly.These outputs provide a convenient way to supply local music or to monitor the receiver tuning, without the need to run paging speakers into the equipment room.




Mount Kit




This economical FM Radio Receiver provides background music (BGM) to paging systems ormusic-on-hold(MOH) to telephone systems.

P r o d u c t F e a t u r e s :

Automatic Frequency Control prevents signal drift

LED indicator illuminates when the signal is strongest

1W output for MOH to telephone systems

Line-leveloutput for background music to paging systems

Connects to a variety of telephone and paging systems including self-amplifiedspeaker systems

Built-inmonitor speaker makes tuning easy

Telescoping antenna built-inor

connect to an external antenna

Volume and tone controls






Power Requirements:

12V or 24V DC power supply





(not included)







3-3/8"W x 6" H x1-1/2"D









Product Weight:

1 lb.











Commercial Sound Use

The FMR is an advanced commercial music source. It may be housed in a compact and familiar package,but this is no simple transistor radio. It has two types of outputs.The line output is designed to interface with any AUX input, and the 1-wattoutput has enough power to supply even older tele-

phone systems’ music-on-holdinputs.www They both have level controls so you can

use them simultaneously. The FMR also has . a tone control to further shape the sound.bogen

Another feature that makes the FMR unique is its external antenna connections. The built-intelescoping antenna is convenient, but radio signals don’t penetrate very far into most industrial buildings. Connect the FMR’s external antenna terminals to a roof antenna or RF distribution feed forcrystal-clearreception.




Power Supply

(12V DC)





Bogen's microphone line includes a variety of types and styles (handheld, wireless handheld/lavaliere, desktop, gooseneck, boundary, and overhead hanging)to meet your application needs, from paging systems to instrument and vocal reproduction. These microphones provide clear, natural, intelligible sound reproduction with accurate response and dependable performance.


UHF Wireless Microphone Systems


These Wireless Microphone Systems offer users the freedom to move around while speaking. System choices consist of a 16-channelPLL-synthesizedUHF Receiver with either a handheld microphone or lavaliere microphone andbody-packtransmitter.



•UHT16 Handheld Mic

•UDR16 UHF Receiver

UHT16 Handheld Microphone

Sleek metal housing with internal antenna for optimum aesthetics and durable long life

Uni-directionalneodymium dynamic cartridge

for optimum sound, maximum feedback rejection, and minimal handling noise

Audio mute switch allows convenient audio muting while leaving the transmitter "ON"

LED indicator: Unit "ON", and "Low Battery Alert"

Convenient, economical operation with AA alkaline or NiMH batteries (2x)

Mic clip available (model MC28)

2" dia. x 9-1/8"long; 10 oz.

UBP16 Body-Packw/Lavaliere Microphone

Audio mute switch allows convenient audio muting while leaving the transmitter "ON"

LED indicator: Unit "ON", and "Low Battery Alert"

Locking 3.5mm mini-jackprovides secure connection for removable microphone

Convenient, economical operation with AAA alkaline or NiMH batteries (2x)

2-1/4"W x3-3/8"H x1-1/8"D; 3 oz.

UDR16 16-ChannelPLL-SynthesizedUHF Receiver

Offers 16 user-selectablefrequencies in UHF470-510MHz band; 120 dB dynamic range; operation up to 500 feetline-of-sight

DigiTRU Diversity™ for maximum range and dropout protection, full LED indicators, 1/4" unbalanced and XLR balanced outputs, Tone Squelch™ for locking out potential interference, noiseless

transmitter ON/OFF switching, and level control for unbalanced output

Half-rackreceiver design with front panel dual antennas, powered by wall power adapter

8-1/8"W x1-7/8"H x5-1/2"D; 1 lb.




•UBP16 Body-Pack

& Lavaliere Mic

•UDR16 UHF Receiver









Rack Mount

(Single Unit)


Rack Mount

(Double Unit)



Dynamic Desktop Microphone

The DDU250 is a high-quality,dynamic, gooseneck desktop microphone ideal for any PA system. The gooseneck permits the user to adjust the microphone’s angle and height to suit the user’s needs.4-1/4" W x 18-1/4" H x 6-1/4" D; 3.5 lb.

Cardioid pickup pattern


Excellent speech intelligibility with low ambient noise

Effective feedback control

16" long, fully flexible gooseneck stalk shock-mountedto a heavy zinc die cast base

10-ft.cable with external contact closure outputs for the talk switches


Frequency response range of 100 Hz - 12 kHz

Sensitivity of -76dB +/- 3 dB


Desktop Paging Microphone

The MBS1000A is a dynamic, dual-impedance,desktop microphone designed for all industrial and commercial public address and paging applications.

4-3/8"W x9-3/8"H x5-7/8"D; 1.25 lb.

Cardioid pickup pattern

Locking mechanism with push-to-talkbar for long announcements


Impedance: Hi-Z,50k ohms;Lo-Z,500 ohms

Frequency response range of 45 Hz -15kHz

Sensitivity: Lo-Z:-72dB +/- 3 dB;Hi-Z:-52dB +/- 3 dB

Rubberized black finish with die cast base

4-conductor,2-shieldedcable included




Professional Handheld

Stage Microphone

The HDU250 is a dynamic microphone ideal for acoustically demanding environments. It features a heavy zinc die cast case with a rigid, low noise cable-mountsystem and a lockable silent reed switch.7" D x 2" dia.; 1 lb.

Cardioid pickup pattern

High-outputdesign with excellent gain before feedback characteristics

High sound pressure capability without distortion

Low sensitivity to breath/pop noise

Efficient shock-mountsystem prevents handling and transmission noise

High sensitivity Neodymium capsule


Frequency response range of 50 Hz - 18 kHz

Sensitivity of -72dB +/- 3 dB

Integral multi-layerbreath/wind filter; includes mic clip

Rubberized black finish; rugged, reliable construction


Handheld Stage


The HDU150 is an attractive, dynamic, all-purposemicrophone ideally suited for a wide variety of vocal and sound reinforcement applications.

6-1/2"D x1-1/2"dia.; 1 lb.

Cardioid pickup pattern

Wide dynamic range with high-endsparkle and minimum feedback

Low sensitivity to breath and popping sounds

Lockable, silent on/off reed switch


Frequency response range of 70 Hz - 15 kHz

Sensitivity of -70dB +/- 3 dB

Rubber shock-mountsystem for attenuation of handling & cable noise

Rigid, low-noisecable-mountsystem

Rubberized black finish; durable ball-shapeddesign; includes mic clip


Handheld Public

Address Microphone

The HDO100 is an attractive, dynamic microphone perfectly suited for public address applications and instrument sound reproduction.

6-1/2"D x1-1/2"dia.; 1 lb.

Omni-directionalpickup pattern

Clean, clear reproduction with minimal ambient sound

Low sensitivity to handling noise and stage vibrations

Lockable, silent on/off reed switch


Frequency response range of 70 Hz - 15 kHz

Sensitivity of -72dB +/- 3 dB

Internal rubber shock isolation system

Rugged, reliable construction; includes mic clip

Rubberized black finish


More Microphone



Mic Windscreen

Mic Clip


(for GCU250)

(for HD Handhelds)

on Page 60



Condenser Gooseneck


The GCU250 is a high-performance,partially rigid,15-14"adjustable gooseneck condenser microphone capable of meeting the stringent demands of today's conference and PA systems. It is an intelligent choice for sound reinforcement applications. It has an integral XLR male connector mounting base and requires a 9V52V DC phantom power source. Slim and compact, the GCU250 is designed to minimize intrusion between the user and the audience.18-1/4" L x 3/4" dia.; 4 ounces.

Cardioid pickup pattern

Clean, accurate vocal reproduction with low ambient noise

Integral breath/wind filter


Frequency response range of 50 Hz - 18 kHz

Sensitivity of -65dB +/- 3 dB


Durable all-metalcase withnon-glareblack finish


Dynamic Gooseneck


The GDU150 is a dynamic, gooseneck microphone that features a durable all-metalcase with anon-glareblack finish. It has a10-1/4"long, fully flexible neck with an integral XLR mounting base.17" L x 1-1/4" dia.; 1 lb.

Cardioid pickup pattern

Outstanding speech intelligibility, feedback rejection, and user sound isolation

High sound pressure capability and low sensitivity to breath/pop noise

Superior shock-mountsystem to reject handling and transmission noise

Integral multi-layerbreath/wind filter


Frequency response range of 100 Hz - 12 kHz

Sensitivity of -75dB +/- 3 dB

Silent push-on/push-offtalk switch on base

Rugged, reliable construction


Industrial Gooseneck


The MGN19 is a dynamic, push-buttonactivated microphone designed for all industrial and commercial public address and paging applications.

23-1/2"L x1-1/4"dia.; 1.25 lb.

Omni-directionalpickup pattern

Rugged, reliable design for quality, long-termuse under strenuous handling conditions


Frequency response range of 50 Hz - 12 kHz, w/ 2 kHz boost

Sensitivity of -76dB +/- 3 dB

Push-to-talkswitch on MIC housing

Chrome-platedscreen & gooseneck with black Cycolac® housing

4-conductor,2-shieldedcable included

19" flexible neck with mounting flange









Professional Overhead

Hanging Microphone

The WCU250 is a back electret condenser, professional microphone perfectly suited for picking up audio from large groups. Because it can hang from the ceiling and is compact in size, the WCU250 is very useful in minimizing visual distraction for the performers and the audience alike,

and limits intrusion into the working space.

The WCU250 cable is terminated by a mini-XLR(female). A miniXLR to standard XLR adapter (included) houses thepre-amplifier.It requires an external 9V - 52V DC phantom power supply.

1-1/4"D x 1/2" dia.; 5 ounces.

Cardioid pickup pattern

Clear, crisp sound with outstanding ambient noise isolation

Utilizes a superior-quality,state-of-the-arttransducer element and circuitry

Transformerless, direct-coupleddesign to ensure clear, transparent reproduction of even the most delicate transients at the highest output levels

Phantom power operated


Frequency response range of 50 Hz - 18 kHz

Sensitivity of -65dB +/- 3 dB

Integrated metal hanger; matte black finish; 20-ft.cable included

Stainless steel, adjustable black hanger


Professional Boundary


The SCU250 is an unobtrusive, surface-mount,boundary, condenser microphone ideal for meeting rooms, conferences, and stage productions where minimum visibility is ideal. It requires an external 9V - 52V DC phantom power supply.2-3/4" W x 3/4" H x 3-1/4" D; 1 lb.

Cardioid pickup pattern

Full, rich reproduction of voice and music

Low sensitivity to stage vibration and thumping noise

Well-suitedin capturing the sound source and immediate surroundings

Excellent user sound isolation with excellent feedback rejection

Phantom power operated


Frequency response range of 20 Hz - 18 kHz

Sensitivity of -58dB +/- 3 dB

Low-impedancebalanced output

Mounting keyways for hanging or for secure attachment to the mounting surface

Heavy-dutymetal case; matte black finish

Outputs for interfacing with auxiliary equipment

MICROPHONE ACCESSORIES (other accessories listed on page 59)





SF4 - Floor Stand

MFM - Flange Mount


34" to 62" adjustable height


For use with models GCU250 & GDU150


Round 10" diameter die cast


3-pinfemale XLR connector,non-shock-isolated

base, 9 lb.

3-1/4"H x1-3/4"dia. base, 3 ounces


Grip-actionclutch and





SB6 - Floor Boom Stand

Telescopic floor stand

Sliding 30" boom arm

34" to 62" adjustable height, 6 lb.


Tripod base

DS3 - Desk Stand


6" cast iron base, 3 lb.

MSM - Shock-IsolatedMicrophone Base

For use with models GCU250 & GDU150

Provides superior mechanical noise and vibration handling

Lightweight ABS material housing

XLR (female) connector

Thick, shock-absorbingrubber cushion

4-3/4"W x1-3/4"H x 4" D; 6 ounces



XLR25 - Microphone Cable




For use with models HDU250,





HDU150, & HDO100





25' cable; Male XLR to female XLR,




2-conductorplus shield





MAC - Microphone Cable Assembly






For use with models HDU250, HDU150, & HDO100

25' cable; Female XLR to stripped andtinned

wires, 2-conductorplus shield