Bogen 700286198 User Manual

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Pendant Speaker

Model: 700286198 / 700286206

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Installation and Use Manual

Issue 1, August 2003

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Product Description

You have purchased one of the finest pendant loudspeakers available today. Please familiarize yourself with this product by reading and reviewing the following descriptions and diagrams.

These loudspeakers include a "spiderless" woofer that utilizes a high-gaussferrofluid to guide the voice coil through the magnetic field.The benefits over conventional woofers with cloth spiders are several, including the ability to constantly adjust voice coil alignment, extend linear excursion, and the most efficient path for cooling the voice coil.

In addition, the use of metal-alloycone structures provides several benefits over the usual paper or plastic cone, such as elimination of cone flex or"break-up"in the operating ranges, additional thermal path for the voice coil to stay cool, and an extremely stable cone structure unaffected by the environment.

The pendant loudspeaker is a full-range,wide dispersion system providing overhead sound coverage where ceiling structures are high but the sound needs to be closer to the audience/listener. Cable kits are provided for use as safety and main drop cables.

Settings for 70V and 100V high-impedancesystems, as well as alow-impedance(16-ohm)position, are provided.

All models feature a removable snap-lockinput connector, providing easy wire connection for input as well asloop-throughto the next speaker.

Product Diagrams

Front Drawing

1.Tap Selection Switch

2. Coaxial Driver Assembly

3. Grille Retention Slot

4. Bass Tuning Vent (x2)

5. Perforated Steel Grille

Front Drawing

(grille partially shown)

Rear Drawing

1. Snap-LockInput Connector

2. Suspension Points (x3)

3. Safety Cable Suspension Point

Package Contents

Rear Drawing

(1) Pendant Speaker

(1) Installation and Use Manual

(1) Snap-LockInput Connector

(1) Quick-SnapClip

(2)Cable Kits

(3)Suspension Cables with Forged Eye Bolts

(3)Nuts (maybe installed onto eyebolts)


Speaker Installation

If the power level is known, then select it using the front-mountedselector switch prior to installing the speaker. See sectionSelecting Power Levels.

Speaker Grille Removal

Insert a pocket knife blade between the grille and the bezel about a 1/4" deep and then gently pry the grille

upwards. Do this in multiple places around the circumference of the grille to free the grille.

Speaker Grille Installation

The speaker grilles fit tightly! Make sure the tap settings are correct prior to installing grille. Push the speaker grille in until it can go no further. Then, slap around the edge of the grille to seat the grille. The grille is properly seated when it is flush with the edge of the bezel.

Suspension Cable Assembly

1. Screw nuts onto the eye bolts all the way to the flange.

2.Screw in eye bolts with captured cable sec-

tions in to the three suspension points. Do not overtighten.

3.Snap loops of free end of cable sections into quick-snapclip.

4.Connect quick-snapclip to drop cable. The supplied cable kit is suitable for use as the drop cable.

Safety Cable



2. 4.

The speaker includes a safety cable suspension point for extra protection. The included cable kit must be used as a safety cable. Refer to instructions with cable kits for proper use.


The anchor point and any hardware used to anchor the speaker must be able to support the speaker’s weight under all conditions. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE OF THE PROPER CAPACITY OF THESE ITEMS TO USE, CONSULT A STRUCTURAL ENGINEER. Mount only one speaker per supplied quick-snapclip.


Speaker Wiring

Wiring is terminated at a snap-lockinput connector. There are two positive and two negative terminals to accommodate daisy chaining of speakers in a system. All wiring should be done prior to installation and then plugged into the rear of the speaker.

Daisy Chaining

The speaker’s snap-lockinput connector allows for easy daisy chaining of speakers by providing a second terminal of each polarity. Refer to the figures for proper wiring for daisy chaining of terminals.

Speaker Phasing

Keep the same polarity terminals wired together to ensure correct phasing. In order to provide the best possible sound, all of the speakers in a system need to be pushing out and pulling in at the same time.

If the connections to one speaker in a system are reversed from the others, that speaker’s movement will be out of sync with the other speakers.This will result in a loss of low frequency response and will effect the overall performance of the system.


Selecting Power Levels

The front-mountedselector switch is used to set the appropriate power level or impedance for your system. Using a smallflat-bladescrew-

driver, turn the knob until the slot points to the power level you require.

70V/100V Systems

Both power setting scales for 70V and 100V systems are labeled on the speakers. On the 100V

scale, the last position clockwise is marked with a (not available) symbol. Do not use this position in 100V systems.


The fully counterclockwise position of the setting switch is the 16-ohmposition.This setting is suitable for use withlow-impedanceamplifiers that typically support 4- or8-ohmspeakers.The speaker’s higher,16-ohmimpedance makes it easier to combine multiple speakers into series - parallel networks while keeping the total system impedance at a level suitable forlow-impedanceamplifiers.




700286198 & 700286206

Frequency Response (-10dB)*

60 Hz to 19 kHz

LF Driver


HF Driver

20 mm (3/4") Polycarbonate Dome

Sensitivity (1W/1M)

89.5 dBspl (Average 100 Hz - 10 kHz)



Impedance Ratings

Low (16 ohms) / High (70V/100V)



Power Input (Max.)

100W @ 16 ohms; 32W @ 70V/100V



Power Settings (in watts)

70V: 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1

100V: 32, 16, 8, 4, 2


Enclosure Material




Grille Material

Powder-CoatedPerforated Metal




4 Terminal Snap-LockInput Connector



Product Weight

10 lb.



Speaker Dimensions

15" dia. x 9-1/4"D

Included Accessories

(1) Snap-LockInput Connector; (1)Quick-SnapClip

(2) Cable Kits; (3) Nuts; and


(3) Suspension Cables with Forged Eye Bolts



Enclosure Finish & Color

Textured White or Black



*Free Space Response,16-ohminput.

† Front panel, switch-selected.


©2003 Bogen Communications, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice.