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9600 FP Modem

A flexible, industrial-grademodem for multiple drops.


Dual mode: Use in both 1200-/1800-bpsand9600-bpsenvironments.

Ideal for collecting data from modem banks in large polled networks.

Connects to 4-wirefull duplex or2-wirehalf-duplexover voice leased line.

Surge-protectedline interfaces.

Poll-responsetime of 23 ms.

Configure easily with DIP switches.

Standalone and rackmount card versions available.





These modems work in extreme conditions and provide super-fastpolling times for multidrop applications.

Analog 4-Wire

Leased Line


Logic Controller 9600 FP Modem



If you have a large polled network that uses 1200or 1800-bpsspeeds and want to upgrade incrementally to 9600 bps, then the 9600 FP Modem is for you.

This industrial-grade,leased-linemodem features two modes of operation: Fast Poll Mode for 9600and4800-bpsuses and Bell 202T Mode for up to1800-bpsspeeds.

Because it’s backward compatible with 202T devices (as well as ITU-TV.23 modems), you can extend the life of

your existing hardware and worry about upgrading later. For this reason, it’s the perfect transitional modem for multidrop automation applications in industrial settings. You can use the 9600 Modem, for instance, to communicate with Bell 202T remote modems that perform well enough now but will eventually be replaced with 1200/1800 models.

Typical applications are to use the 9600 FP Modem for system control and data acquisition (SCADA) or for

communicating with utility substations or industrial facilities. Because the modem requires no human intervention for it to operate, it’s particularly well-suitedfor unmanned locations.

You can use the 9600 FP Modem for 4-wire,full duplex

or 2-wirehalf-duplexoperation over avoice-basedleased line. It works with bothvoice-bandconditioned or unconditioned leased line and pilot wires, and features selectable asynchronous data rates of 9600 and 4800 bps in Fast Poll Mode and 0 to 1800 bps in Bell 202T Mode.

The modem features a DSP chip set and powerful line equalizers. These enable reliable operation over long runs of copper wire and leased telco lines that don’t meet

conventional specifications and offer limited performance.

9600 FP Modem

Oil tank



9600 FP Modem

Oil tank



9600 FP Modem

Oil tank



Designed specifically for outdoor use and harsh environments, the 9600 FP Modem works where other modems don’t, permitting more drops per polled link than any other modem.

Digital signal processing (DSP) technology gives the modem its power. With its fast turnaround—23ms—inFast Poll Mode, the 9600 FP Modem ideally suits systems that require fast response, short training time, and low throughput delay.

It’s available in an AC or a DC standalone version or a card version for use in our Modem Rack II. The rackmount version occupies only one rack slot.

Both standalone and card versions feature heavy-dutysurge protection that guards the line interface and can withstand a surge voltage up to 15 kV.

To configure the 9600 FP Modem, simply set a few DIP switches. Because no PC is required, it’s easy to set up in the field. Configure the modem for your host DTE interface and network topology; select your mode and (if necessary) whether you’re connecting to a Bell 202T or ITU-TV.23

modem; then choose the transmitter output level and receiver dynamic range.

Troubleshooting is also easy. An LED control display on the 9600 FP Modem gives you at-a-glanceconfirmation of modem operation, and a local and remote test push button enables you to perform analog or digital loopbacks.

For attaching DTE devices, the modem’s back panel has a DB25 connector on an RS-232interface.

The Modem Rack II has slots for 16 modem cards and a power supply module (which is included) and can be mounted

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in a standard 19" (48.3-cm)rack. It’s 7" (17.8 cm) high and



10" (25.4 cm) deep. In back, the rack has 16 DB25 female



connectors and 16 telco connectors.



Because the rack‘s front panel is hinged, you can add and



remove cards from the front of the unit without disturbing



the DTE and line connections at the rear of the rack.





The front panel is also translucent, so you can easily view



the LEDs on the front of the cards. To access a card’s test push



button to perform loopbacks, just lower the front panel.



When you order a modem, you’ll receive the Standalone



or Rackmount Card 9600 FP Modem, a leased-linecable, and



a user‘s guide. The MD1980A-DCalso includes a shielded DC



power cable.



With the rack (RM421A), you get a 115-VAC,60-Hzpower



supply module; a -48VDC module is available by special order.




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Cable Equalizer — Fixed transmitter and receiver cable equalizer, selectable

Carrier Control — Constant or switched(DIP-switch-selectable)Carrier Loss Recovery — Built-intrain on data (typically < 10 seconds)Data Format — 8 or 9 data bits with 1 or more stop bits

Equalizer — Automatic, adaptive

Line Requirement — Telco voice band 4- or2-wireleased line private metallic circuits (26 to 19 AWG)

Modulation — Fast Poll Mode: Proprietary; Bell 202T Mode; FSK

Operation — 2-wirehalf-duplexor4-wirefull duplex

Receiver Dynamic Range — +3 to-30dBm or-10to-43dBm(DIP-switch-selectable)

Speed — Fast Poll Mode: 9600 or 4800 bps asynchronous; Bell 202T Mode: 0 to 1800 bps asynchronous;

Bell 202T Mode: 8, 33, 59, 219 ms

Surge Protection — Up to 15 kV

Training Time — RTS to CTS delay: Fast Poll Mode: 23 ms

User Controls — (1) Test push button for local analog loopback, local digital loopback, or remote digital loopback; (2)8-positionDIP switches (SW1 and SW2) and (1)10-positionDIP switch (SW3)

Connectors — Leased line: (1)4-positionscrew terminal; DTE: (1) DB25 F(RS-232);

Power: (1) 3-positionterminal block

Indicators — (9) LEDs for status monitoring: Power (PWR), Request to Send (RTS), Clear to Send (CTS), Transmit Data (TXD), Receive Data (RXD), Carrier Detect (CD), Modem Ready (MR), Analog Loopback (ALB), Digital Loopback (DLB)

Temperature Tolerance — MD1980A,MD1980A-DC:-40to +185ºF(-40to +85ºC);

MD1980C in Modem Rack II: Operating: 32 to 114ºF (0 to 45ºC); Storage: -40to +176ºF(-40to +80ºC)

Humidity Tolerance — MD1980A,MD1980A-DC:5 to 95%, noncondensing;

MD1980C in Modem Rack II: Up to 95%, noncondensing

Power — MD1980A:85–265VAC,50–60Hz, autosensing or85–400VDC with power cord modification;


MD1980C: From the Modem Rack II (RM421A) chassis Size — MD1980A,MD1980A-DC:1.5"H x 5.7"W x 8.3"D

(3.8 x 14.5 x 21.1 cm);

MD1980C: 6.25"H x 9"W x 0.9"D (15.9 x 22.9 x 2.3 cm) Weight — MD1980A,MD1980A-DC:1.9 lb. (0.9 kg);

MD1980C: 0.5 lb. (0.2 kg)



9600 FP Modem







Rackmount Card


To rackmount your MD1980C, order…


Modem Rack II



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