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Plantronics Discovery Bluetooth Headsets

Stay connected for longer.

The unique charging system makes it possiblessible..


Innovative AAA battery charging accessory extends the headsets’ charge between calls.

Enable you to roam up to 33 feet (10 m) from your Bluetooth® device.

You can also recharge the headset using most existing chargers (adapters are included)—noextra cables to take with you!

The 640 model is a Bluetooth 1.2 device that boasts up to 15 hours of talk time.

The 645 DSP model is a Bluetooth 2.0 device that features up to nine hours of talk time and DSP technology for crystalclear caller communications.

Both feature a sleek and stylish chrome carrying case that fits in your pocket.

Discreet, in-the-eardesign.


These Plantronics® DiscoveryBluetooth Headsets combine the latest wireless technology with a sleek design to give you convenienthands-freecall communications wherever you go.

Using Bluetooth technology, you can roam up to 33 feet (10 m) from Bluetooth devices, such as laptops, PDAs, or phones, that support headsets and hands-freetechnology. Ultralight and ultracomfortable, Discovery headsets weigh just a third of an ounce, fit discreetly in your ear, and include three sizes of soft gel ear tips for a personalized fit.

For even more convenience, you can use your existing phone charger to recharge the headset. The length of talk time from a charge depends on the model you order. The Discovery 640 provides up to five hours of talk time between charges; the Discovery 645 DSP provides up to three hours of talk time.

Both models come with four charging adapters that work with most phone chargers, eliminating the need for a separate charging cable. An AC adapter is also included.

What’s more, each headset system includes an innovative charging system that uses a AAA battery charger to extend talk time up to 15 hours for the Discovery 640 and up to 9 hours for the Discovery 645 DSP. This way, your phone is ready when you are.


Bluetooth Version — Discovery 640: Bluetooth 1.2; Discovery 645 DSP: Bluetooth 2.0

Headset Wearing Type — In-the-ear Range (Maximum) —33 ft. (10 m)

Standby Time (Maximum) — Discovery 640: 70 hours; Discovery 645 DSP: 80 hours

Talk Time (Maximum) — Discovery 640: 5 hours; 15 hours with AAA charger; Discovery 645 DSP: 3 hours; 9 hours with AAA charger

User Controls — Volume, mute, last number redial,voice-activateddialing, pocket vibration

Power — AAA lithium ion battery and100–240-VAC,50–60-HzadapterWeight — Headset: <0.1 lb. (<0.1 kg)

Plan to use the headset in a busy office, call center, or other noisy environment? Then take a look at the Discovery 645 version. For optimal sound quality, it features built-indigital signal processing (DSP) technology that actively reduces transmitted background noise, so your voice can be heard clearly by your caller.

Both the 640 and 645 feature a one-touchcall-controlbutton and support last number redial, as well as voiceactivated dialing so you can place calls hands free when you’re on the go. The headsets also support multipoint technology, which means you can connect simultaneously with two different Bluetooth audio devices and have calls received on either device ring through to the headset.

With each headset, you also get an ear stabilizer for a more secure fit and a stylish, chrome pocket case that provides convenient and secure storage for the headset and vibrates to alert you to incoming calls.

NOTE: Last number redial and voice-activateddialing must be supported by your device or cellular provider.


(1) headset

(4) charging adapters

(1) carrying pocket

(3) soft gel ear tips


AAA battery charger

(1) ear stabilizer


AC adapter




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Technically Speaking


If you use low-powerradio communications to wirelessly link phones, computers, and other network devices over short distances, it’s likely those devices use Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth, named for a Danish king who ruled more than 1000 years ago, is a technology that primarily supports simple wireless networking of personal devices and peripherals like wireless headsets, mobile phones, and PDAs. Bluetooth devices generally communicate at speeds less than 1 Mbps and are divided into three power classes.

Class I Bluetooth devices are consideredlong-rangeunits. They have a range of up to 100 meters (328 ft.) and a maximum power output of 20 dBm.

Class II Bluetooth devices have a standard range of up to


10 meters (32.8 ft.) and a maximum power output of 4 dBm. Class III Bluetooth devices are definitely built for shortrange communication, with a range of up to 10 centimeters

(3.9 in.) and a maximum power output of 0 dBm. Bluetooth networks feature a dynamic topology called a

piconet or PAN. These networks contain a minimum of two to a maximum of eight Bluetooth peer devices that use protocols that are part of Bluetooth standard. The current Bluetooth standard is version 2.0, and it’s actually the specification’s third version, following its 1.1 and 1.2 incarnations.

Although the Bluetooth standard uses the same 2.4-GHzrange as 802.11b and 802.11g, it’s much slower thanWi-Fi,more limited in range, and supports fewer devices.



Plantronics Discovery Bluetooth Headsets



645 DSP


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