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ServSwitch 4Site

All-in-one4-portKVM switching and image processing.


Access up to 4 servers from one KVM console.

View in single-videoformat, all four video screens in aquad-tiledformat, orpicture-in-picturevideo.

Compatible with all combinations of DVI and VGA (graphics cards and monitors).

Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels at 60 Hz.

Works with KVM over IP access points.





Typical large-scaleswitching system configuration.

ServSwitch 4Site

Computers with DVI video and USB keyboard/mouse





(4) ServSwitch DT Series CPU Cables



Wizard IP Plus

Laptop (quad-screenview)


The ServSwitch 4Site provides control and real-timemonitoring for up to four PCs from one console with keyboard, video, and mouse. The ServSwitch 4Site is a classic4-portkeyboard-video-mouse(KVM)switch—plus,it features simultaneous monitoring of four different computer video sources on a single screen. Control up to four remote PCs connected to the ServSwitch 4Site from a single local KVM console.

The ServSwitch 4Site combines KVM switching and image processing. Users can access up to 4 servers, either by connecting to the servers and seeing single video on their monitor, or by seeing all 4 servers on their monitor in a quad-tiledformat, at the same time, in real time.

The ServSwitch 4Site supports analog VGA as well as digital DVI. All combinations of DVI and VGA (graphic cards and monitors) are supported, allowing equipment to be mixed. Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels @ 60 Hz are supported.

Typical applications include using it with a KVM over IP access point (for example, the ServSwitch Wizard IP Plus [ACR2005A]) to operate remotely. All devices can be connected to the ServSwitch™ from any location using Web client

via LAN/Internet.

In a large-scaleswitching system configuration, video signals from any 4 computers out of a larger pool of servers can be displayed and administered on the local console (monitor, keyboard, and mouse).

Use either buttons on front of the unit, keyboard commands (hotkeys), or mouse functions (hotmouse) for switching channels or selecting the display mode (Fullscreen/Quad/PiP).

In Fullscreen Mode, one of the four computers’ video sources is displayed in full screen size and maximum resolution.

In Quad Mode, the screen is split into four fields of equal size, each displaying the entire screen contents of four different video sources.

In Picture-in-Picturemode, the full screen display of one of the four video sources is accompanied by one to three small images (thumbnails) of the other video sources on the righthand margin of the screen, allowing simultaneous monitoring.

All device parameters may be set and stored with an On Screen Display (OSD). There are two ways to display the OSD main menu: use Keyboard Command O or simultaneously press the Quad and PiP buttons on front of the ServSwitch 4Site for longer than one second.

OSD menu options include System Hotkey, Mode, Configuration, Console, Video, Computer, and Help.

The System option lets you select either multiple hotkey or double-clickhotkey, timeout for channel selection, OSD window position, English or German language, set security level, test pattern, and inactivate unused channels. The Mode option allows you to choose size, zoom, position, and PiP display mode.

The Configuration option saves the current parameters, restores the last saved configuration, or resets the unit to factory defaults.

The Console option selects output resolution, keyboard layout (English or German), assigns mouse and keyboard to video, and displays the monitor’s EDID data.

The Video option shows computer video input formats, sets brightness, contrast, horizontal position, vertical position, screen width, phase, and fits input format to the screen display.

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The Computer option displays keyboard type (PC1, PC2, PC3, or USB), mouse type (PS/2®, PS/2 wheel, or USB), and resets the PS/2 mouse and keyboard.

The Help option lists keyboard commands, firmware revision level, and contact information.

LED indicators on the front panel show the unit’s status. An RS-232serial port on the rear panel is used to load

firmware updates to the unit.


Resolution — Up to 1920 x 1200 pixels

Maximum Distance — 16.7 ft. (5.1 m) to console(keyboard-video-mouse), 16.7 ft. (5.1 m) to CPU

User Controls — (4)Port-switchingbuttons, (1)Quad-modebutton,

(1) PiP mode button, (1) Reset button, (1) Power switch Connectors — Computer ports: (4)DVI-I(analog and digital), (4) PS/2,

(4) USB;

Console ports: (1) DVI-I,(2) USB for keyboard and mouse;RS-232:(1)RJ-45;

Power: (1) IEC-320

Indicators — (4) Port LEDs, (1) Quad mode, (1) PiP modePower — 100–240VAC,50–60Hz, 40 watts maximumSize — 1.75"H x 17.1"W x 9.2"D (4.4 x 43.4 x 23.4 cm)Weight — 6.4 lb. (2.9 kg)


(1) ServSwitch 4Site

(1) IEC-320power cord

(1) 6.7-foot(2-m)DB9 female toRJ-45male serial flash control cable

(1) CD-ROMcontaining a user’s manual

You need to purchase additional cables to link the switch to the servers/computers. See the ordering block.



ServSwitch 4Site


Remember to order cables…


ServSwitch DT Series CPU Cable







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