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ServSwitch Fiber Optic KVM Extenders

Control a CPU from

as much as 1 kilometer away across safe, secure fiber optic cable!



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»Fiber optic KVM extension for IBM compatible PC CPUs.

»Drive keyboard, video, and mouse signals over multimode fiber cable as far as 0.6 miles (1 km).

»Support a variety of video types at up to 1280 x 1024 resolution.

»Include both local and remote units.

»Dual access. Use your computer at either location!

»A serial RS-232and bidirectional stereo audio version is also available.

»Fiber optic cable makes them perfect for industrial settings and environments with high EMI/RFI.

»Fiber signals are also immune to lightning strikes and power surges.

»Work with 50or 62.5-micronmultimode cable with ST® connectors.

»Status LEDs and the remote unit’s sevensegment diagnostic display make troubleshooting easy.

»Intelligent PS/2 keyboard and mouse emulation prevents PC lockup.





Use these extenders to control a remote CPU—evenone that’s a kilometer away!



Local Module

Multimode fiber cable(s) with at least (3) strands, up to 1 km (0.6 mi.) long

Local KVM workstation

Remote KVM 



Remote Module


Sure you can use copper KVM extenders to access and control

a CPU from the next room or the next building. But what if you need to work with a CPU a half mile away, or if you need more security, or if you have to run cable right past a generator?

You need ServSwitchFiber Optic KVM Extenders. They greatly extend the distance between a computer CPU and a keyboard, mouse, and monitor—especially in electrically noisy environments.

Normal keyboard-,video-,andmouse-extensioncables— and the extenders that usethem—canonly go so far, and electromagnetic noise can limit their distance and reliability.

But with a fiber optic solution like the ServSwitch Fiber Optic KVM Extender, these concerns are a thing of the past. You can leave a CPU in a secured cabinet or data center while you operate it from a convenient remote user station.

Using at least three multimode fiber strands, the extender system can reach as far as 0.6 miles (1 km) on either 62.5-µmor50-µmfiber. Fiber extension technology ensures perfect monitor image quality— even at the farthest possible distances supported!

Each ServSwitch Fiber Optic KVM Extenderkit consists of two main components: a local module that you attach to an IBM® PC compatible CPU and a remote unit that you attach to the remote keyboard, monitor, and mouse console. We even offer a version for connecting stereo audio and serial devices, such as touch screens, to your KVM fiber optic extender setup.

And because the extenders support dual access, you can add a KVM console on the local end, too. That enables you to operate the PC from either the local or remote user station.

Or, if you prefer, you can use the local KVM ports to feed into a BLACK BOX®KVM switch.

The ServSwitch Fiber Optic KVM Extendersare compatible with

all standard keyboards and all standard 2-button,3-button,and wheel mice. Intelligent PS/2 keyboard and mouse emulation ensures that your PCs don’t lock up.

Locating a CPU away from your workstation has a number of advantages. For instance:

In industrial applications, you can protect delicate server circuitry against dust, debris, moisture, and equipment vibration and keep data communications safe from potential interference (emitting from induction furnaces or current or load generators, for example).

In environments where data security is the highest priority, you can protect against data theft and unauthorized installation of software.

It also simplifies the setup, maintenance, configuration and administration of server management workstations.

In addition to industrial applications, ServSwitch Fiber Optic KVM Extenders can be deployed in:

Call centers where you need to co-locatea number of user’s computers.

Retail or similar settings where you need to keep CPUs secure and apart from monitors in kiosks and digital signage displays, as well as user stations in publically accessible areas.

Any application where you require remote access control of mission-criticalservers and the cable connecting local and remote stations must be reliable and offer a high level of security.

No matter what their application, our compact KVM extenders feature an unobtrusive footprint, so you can set them up for operation in tight work spaces or data centers.

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Technically Speaking

The ServSwitch Fiber Optic KVM Extenders‘ keyboard

and mouse interfaces are standard PS/2® type interfaces, so you can attach just about any standard PS/2 compatible keyboard and mouse to the unit. To attach a PC/AT® style keyboard with a5-pinDIN connector to the extender, you’ll need a keyboard adapter (to order, call our FREE Tech Support).

The extenders come with zip-stylecable for making VGA connections to your server; the audio/serial model comes with serial and audio CPU cables, too.

For monitoring operation, the remote module has a sevensegment display that continuously­ indicates link status. In addition,

Device Ready LEDs on both local and remote units inform you of their operational status, so you can troubleshoot­ at either end.

The ServSwitch Fiber Optic KVM Extenders support all

VGA graphics cards and VGA resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 @ 75

Hz. You can use them to transfer RGB as well as VGA (RGBVH) signals and, if necessary, convert signals to transfer RGB to VGA or from VGA to RGB. All you have to do is make a simple jumper adjustment on the extenders’ motherboards.

There’s no need to worry about the video getting horribly distorted at either end of the fiber optic link. By default, the KVM extenders operate with an automatic gain control (AGC) function enabled. With AGC enabled, the gain of each color signal is fixed to give colors the same white level (0.7 Vpp), and most video problems are cleaned up automatically.

In some applications, it may be necessary to switch off the AGC so you can optimize video (to remedy a chromatic aberration, for instance). For this, you just need to flip internal jumpers and tweak the manual brightness and contrast

potentiometer dials on the rear panel of each unit. You can also attenuate the optic budget to raise the optical loss to a value that corrects any unstable image. (To do this, you need fiber pigtail coupling connectors. For details, call our FREE Tech Support.)

The seven-segmentdisplay aids with troubleshooting video gain. For instance, if it shows an ”F,” you’ve adjusted the contrast on the unit too high and, with AGC no longer possible, you need to readjust the gain.

Extend serial data and stereo audio, too.

To add RS-232serial and audio extension capabilities to your

KVM-over-fiberextender application, order theACS335A-ASversion of the ServSwitch Fiber Optic KVM Extender. The circuit boards on its local and remote units support transmitting bidirectional stereo audio andfull-duplex19-kbpsserial data across the interconnecting fiber cable.

The serial ports on the ACS335A-ASsupport extending TX,

RX, RTS, CTS, DTR, and DSR serial signals (and, in some cases, RI and DCD signals, for which a wiring adapter may be required.) You can connect either one serial device requiring hardware handshaking or—usingbreakoutcable—upto three simple

2-wireserial devices (TX/RX only). No user adjustments are required for the serial connection.

For multimedia capability, connect a set of speakers or a headset or microphone to a workstation linked to the remote unit. The extenders transmit stereo audio bidirectionally and simultaneously across the fiber cable link. The extender local unit sends audio digitally (as part of a 16-bit,38.4-KHzsignal) fornear-CDsound quality at the remote end of the fiber interconnection.

The line-levelinterface is designed to receive output from a sound card or otherline-levelsource and connect to a set

of powered speakers at the remote console. No further setup is required unless a microphone is connected to the remote unit (in which case, you just need to ensure that your sound card is set up and wired to provide sufficient amplification).


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What’s included

For both ACS335A and ACS335A-ASversions:

Local unit

Remote unit

Zip-styleVGA CPU cable,6-ft.(1.8-m),with

HD15 male/female and (2) 6-pinmini-DINmale/male

(2) power supplies and cords

User’s manual

ACS335A-ASalso includes:

Serial CPU cable, 6-ft.(1.8-m),DB9 female/DB9 male

Audio CPU cable, 6-ft.(1.8-m),stereo jack/3.5-mmstereo jack


T e c h S P e c s

Cable Required — 62.5/125-µmor50/125-µmmultimode fiber optic cable with at least (3) or (5) strands and terminated with ST connectors

Optical Budget Total (Typical) — –5dBm Optical Center Wavelength — 850 nm Resolution (Maximum) — 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz

Video Compatibility — RGBHV with 0.7-VppRGB signals plus TTL5-Vhorizontal/vertical synchronization signals; RGB with0.7-VppRGB signals with the G signal carrying (composite) synchronization signals

CE Approval — Yes

Connectors — Local unit: Keyboard and mouse: (4) 6-pinmini-DINF; Monitor: (1) HD15 M, (1) HD15 F;

Interconnect: ACS335A: (3) ST; ACS335A-AS:(5) ST;

ACS335A-ASlocal unit also includes: Audio: (2)3.5-mmjacks;

Serial: (1) DB9 F (RS-232);

Remote unit: Keyboard and mouse: (2) 6-pinmini-DINF;

Monitor: (1) HD15 F; Interconnect: ACS335A: (3) ST;

ACS335A-AS:(5) ST;

ACS335A-ASremote unit also includes: Audio: (2)3.5-mmjacks;

Serial: (1) DB9 M (RS-232)

Indicators — (1) 7-segmentdisplay on remote unit;

(1) Device Ready status LED on local and remote unit

Temperature Tolerance — Operating: 41 to 113°F (5 to 45°C); Storage: -13to +140°F(-25to +60°C)

Humidity Tolerance — Up to 80%, noncondensing

Power —90–240VAC,47–63Hz, autosensing, external, with IEC 320 connector and cord

Size — Each unit: 1.7"H x 7.1"W x 5.2"D (4.3 x 18 x 13.2 cm) Weight — Each unit: 2.6 lb (1.2 kg)





ServSwitch Fiber Optic KVM Extender



with Serial and Bidirectional Stereo Audio


To connect an extender to the demarc, order…



ServSwitch Fiber Patch Cable, (5) Color-Coded62.5/125-µm

Multimode Strands plus Spare, ST Male to Male



For PC 1-m







For indoor runs between extenders or demarcs, order…

Terminated Fiber Optic Breakout Cable, ST-ST


Custom Lengths


For outdoor runs between demarcs, order…



Loose-TubeMultistrand 62.5 Multimode Fiber Cables Bulk

(Unterminated), Custom







Armored Loose-TubeOutside-PlantFiber Cables, Bulk

(Unterminated) for Extreme Conditions, 1000-ft.(304.8-m)







NOTE: Versions of these cables with other fiber counts are also available. For more information, see, or call our FREE Tech Support.

You may also need…


19" Rackmount Kit for ACS335A or ACS335A-AS


for 1


for 2



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