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6-ConductorDS-3Coax Cable PVC

This cable is perfect for Digital Signal (DS) interconnect and cross-connectapplications.


Connect DS-3equipment to DSX systems.

100% tested to Bellcore GR-139-COREspecifications.

UL Listed.

Delivers low attenuation; suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


This cable is designed specifically for interconnecting DS-3(44.736-Mbps)transmission equipment, such as multiplexors or lightwave systems, and Digital SignalCross-Connect(DSX) systems. The cable also connects digital radio to multiplexor, or

between two patch panels, transmitters, receivers, or telephone switches.

DS-3cable is 100% tested to BellcoreGR-139-COREspecifications. The cable also featuressmall-diametersolid bare orsilver-platedcopper conductors. It’s UL Listed to NEC and CEC Type CMR, and it passes both UL® 1666 and CSAFT-4flame tests. Also, the cable delivers low attenuation at all standard frequencies and is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.


Attenuation (Maximum) — 2.5 dB/100 ft., 22.368 MHzCapacitance (Nominal) — 17.7 pF/ft. (conductor to shield)

Delay (Nominal) — 1.34 nsec/ft. Impedance (Nominal) —75 ohms Outside Diameter —0.399" (1.01 cm)

Resistance (Nominal, @ 68°F/20°C) — Conductor: 41 ohms/1000 ft.; Shield: 5.3 ohms/1000 ft.

Return Loss (Minimum) — 30 dB, 15 to 90 MHz Velocity of Propagation —76%



6-ConductorDS-3Coax Cable PVC


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