Black Box 16 port User Manual
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Manually setting up an IP address

This section includes the following;

Set up procedure on page 39

Server form field descriptions on page 42.

Black Box Console Server user guide


Set up procedure

To manually set up an IP address proceed as follows;

1.Set up a terminal or PC running terminal emulation. For examples of connection pinouts see Appendix A Cabling information.

If you connect via the Admin Port you will see a display of diagnostic and bootup messages.

Note that if you cannot emulate VT100, you will have to use the Command Line Interface (cli); (the cli commands are described in full in Appendix B The CLI commands).

2.At the console, with the login prompt displayed, type admin and press <return>.

3.At the password prompt, now displayed type superuser and press <return>. This is the default admin user password.

The command line prompt will now be displayed:

4.At the command prompt type screen and press <return> to enter Full Screen mode.

The main menu is now displayed:

5.At the main menu, select ‘server configuration’. (alternatively, use the cli command set server)

The server form will be displayed as shown in the next picture:

Black Box Console Server user guide


6.Within the server form, complete the fields by moving between the fields using the arrow keys. Use the <del> key to backspace if necessary.

For a description of the fields in this form see Server form field descriptions on page 42.

Example settings for all the Console Server configuration fields are shown in the next picture:

7.When you have completed the form, press <return>. You will be presented with the following display:

Black Box Console Server user guide


8.Accept the form; you will be returned to the Main Menu.

You may want to save your configuration changes permanently; see Saving configuration changes on page 62

9.Reboot the unit. Rebooting will ensure that other network devices can communicate with it.


If you set the port to authenticate by RADIUS only, users will not be able to dial in


and connect if the network connection is down (no access to RADIUS server).


If you are not using the RADIUS service, you can leave authentication set to ‘both’.


You will have entered users in the Console Server’s user table. The unit will


authenticate users via its own user table and, provided user names and passwords


are valid, should not need recourse to a RADIUS host.

Black Box Console Server user guide