Black Box 16 port User Manual
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LED guide

During bootup you should see power and network LEDs display the following colours.

Power and network LEDs

Console Server during bootup

Once power is on and the network is connected, the power and network LEDs will display the following colours:

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Console Server

during normal operations




































































































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RJ45 LEDs There arebi-colourLEDs on the RJ45 connectors on both the front and rear panels. These LEDs flicker briefly during bootup and then display the following colours,









































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Selecting AUI or 10/100 Base T interface

Before performing the initial configuration of your Console Server unit, you need to select the type of interface you want to use from either AUI or 10/100Base-T(Default setting is10/100Base-T).To do this proceed as follows;

Note To display the currently selected interface type, at the command prompt, typeshow hardware and press theEnter key. The resulting display will include the currently selected hardware type.

You only need to use these commands on revision 2 Console Server boards.

1.Login to your unit and display the command prompt.

2.At the command prompt, type one of the commands listed in the next table to select the interface type you want to use.

To set this type of interface

Use this command




interface RJ45




interface AUI

You can now perform the initial configuration of the unit.

Black Box Console Server user guide