Black Box 16 port User Manual
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show user

user levels: Use this command to display a user’s setup, including predefined sessions. Theadmin, admin user can show details of any user, a normal user can only view their ownnormal details:

Syntax show user ./username



specifies the current user.

username is the name of a specific user.


Admin user: Users - Change User.


Normal user: Sessions - Set Up User

See also

set user


all users

Use this command to start a predefined session. This is a particularly important


command for restricted users who can only start sessions predefined for them by


system administrator. If you are using telnet, the target host will prompt you for your


login name. If you are using rlogin, the host will prompt you for your password. If


you are using rlogin and your unit’s login name is entered in the ‘rhost’ file of the


target login directory, you will be logged straight in.

start n


Where n is the predefined session that you want to start.

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Sessions - Start Predefined Session



See also



user levels:

This command establishes a connection with another host on the network using the


telnet protocol. You must specify the target host but the other arguments (such as


echo, mapnl, mode, etc.) are optional. If you do not specify the other arguments the


line telnet values will be used (values set/shown in set telnet orshow




If you do specify arguments such as echo, mapnl, mode, etc. the values you enter will


override the line telnet values. Note that your values (specified here using the


telnet command) expire when your telnet session is finished; values set/shown in


set telnet orshow telnet can be saved permanently.

When the connection is made you will be prompted for your login name.


telnet hostname/inetaddress port[termtype



[echo on/off] [mapnlon/off]




[intr <hex>] [quit <hex>] [eof



[erase <hex>] [break <hex>]







is the name or internet address of the machine you want to log into







is your terminal type. This argument enables you to pass your terminal



type to the host. When connecting to a UNIX host, you must define the



termtype in accordance with its UNIX TERM variable.


The termtype argument overrides a termtype value entered into the unit when using the set line orset telnet commands.

echo, mapnl, etc. these are telnet options. They set values once only, for the duration of a single telnet connection. See comments under telnet on page 201 above.

Menu equivalent

See also

Users - Set Sessions (to set default values)


Sessions - Start telnet (to use or override default values)resume, rlogin, set telnet, show telnet, start

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user levels: This command tells you what version of software your unit is running.admin,


Syntax version

Menu Version of software is displayed at the top of any menu display, e.g.equivalent

user [admin]

xxxxxx 2.00 i.1

telnet 1




The text in the middle of the line ( xxxxxx) will display the name of your product.

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A p p e n d i x C S N M P

You need to You need to read this appendix if you want information on the Console Serverread this support of SNMP.

appendix if

you want to...This appendix describes the Console Server support of SNMP. This appendix includes the following sections;

Overview on page 204

Configuring SNMP support on page 205

Summary of objects in the private MIB on page 207

Private MIB definitions on page 209

Network management on page 213.

Black Box Console Server user guide