Black Box 16 port User Manual
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Typical applications summary

Managing devices over the LAN/WAN

The Console Server allows the administrator to Telnet to the appropriate port on the console server. With the Console Server in band management functionality, administrators can gain access to attached devices from anywhere on the LAN/WAN provided they know the IP addresses. The Console Server also allows access to multiple devices simultaneously.

Managing devices without accessing the LAN/WAN

In the event of a network failure, the Console Server allows the administrator access via a modem attached to one of the serial ports on the unit to access attached devices.

Network security

Console Server provides a comprehensive suite of security features to allow an organization to implement robust security planning to prevent unauthorized access. These include SLIP and PPP Remote User dial-inand support for RADIUS.

For a secure LAN connection, the Console Server supports SSH version 1 and version 2 protocol. Remote server connections with SSH protocol uses an encrypted data channel with support for password and other authentications.

Management and diagnostics

Independent tests have proved Console Serverextremely easy to configure and install. A comprehensive array of software tools allows the Console Server to be configured, managed and upgraded either locally or remotely over the network and even via the Internet.

These tools include JETset, for complete port management from any location via a Web browser, and easy downloads of software upgrades to the unit's flash memory. Command line and menu interfaces are included, as is a separate local management port, plus industry standard control and management facilities - SNMP, BOOTP, DHCP and DNS.

Black Box Console Server user guide