Black Box 16 port User Manual
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Accessing devices via Telnet from the LAN

In order to perform this function you must have a system capable of running a telnet session.

Terminal Microsoft Windows does have an implementation of telnet but it is limited. You mayemulators wish to use a terminal emulator package such as:

Term - Century Software - (eval available) NetTerm - shareware

Information required

To connect to a specific device you must know the following information:

ip address of Console Server device is connected to

Port on Console Server device is connected to

TCP socket number of port (by default port 1 will be 10001, port 2 10002 etc.)

Access procedure

To access a device using Telnet proceed as follows;

1.Set your terminal emulator to connect to the ip address of the Console Server and set socket number for correct port.

2.If running from command line, run following command: telnet 'ipaddress' 'socket num'

Example - telnet 10004

A Console Server login prompt will then be displayed.

Note: To disable this feature use the cli command, set line security <on/off>

3.At this prompt, enter your user name for the Console Server and press enter.

4.At the password prompt, enter your password for the Console Server and press enter.

You will now be connected to the port and thus the connected device.

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