Black Box 16 port User Manual
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Saving your settings

Saving settings to non-volatilememory

1.After making changes to the configuration, exit the text menu screen (form) you are using.

The ‘options’ form now appears:

2.Within the options form select ‘accept and exit form’ to retain your changes in RAM (volatile memory).

3.To save your changes permanently exit the text menu system completely then return to the Main Menu and select ‘command line mode’;

The exit full screen mode form is now displayed:

4.Within the ‘exit full screen mode’ form select ‘exit and save changes’.

All the changes made since last entering the menus will be saved to FLASH (permanent, non-volatile)memory.

You will now be at the command line prompt.

5.To return the menus, at the command prompt, type: screen

Saving settings to a file

netsave You can also save your configuration information to a file on a host. This can only be done in the cli; seeAppendix B The CLI commands

Black Box Console Server user guide


Black Box Console Server user guide


Black Box Console Server user guide


Black Box Console Server user guide