Black Box 16 port User Manual
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framed (use only when the user service field is set to ‘slip’ or ‘ppp’) this parametercompression determines whether Van Jacobsen Compression is used on the link. Select either ‘on’

or ‘off’ (default is ‘off’). VJ compression is a means of reducing the standard TCP/IP header from 40 octets to approximately 5 octets. This gives a significant performance improvement particularly when interactive applications are being used. Such an application is typing, where a single character can be passed over the link with a 40 octet header attached. VJ Compression has little effect on other types of link, such as ftp, where the packets are much larger.

The framed compression value will be used in preference to the VJ compression values set for a line; see Configuring SLIP on page 78 orConfiguring PPP on page 82.

If you set up any restricted users, you must predefine their sessions; they can only open sessions predefined for them by the admin user.

About user levels

There are four user levels which can be used to determine the level of access the user has to Console Server commands:


the system administrator. The admin user has total access to the unit.


You can create more than one admin user account but we recommend


that you only have one.

Normal (default) normal users have access to the Sessions menu only. They can start sessions, predefine sessions and change their own user environment.


these users have access to a restricted Sessions menu; they can only


open sessions predefined for them by the admin user. Predefined


sessions can even be configured to start automatically at login.


only be able to initiate sessions defined for that user. All other


functionality is barred.

Note: When users are authenticated by a Radius host, each user will be entitled to Normal user level access.

CLI prompts

For admin users, the cli prompt is followed by a hash sign, for example xxxxxx#. For normal and restricted users the prompt will be followed by a dollar or pound sign, for example xxxxxx$. The display of a dollar or pound sign will vary according to the characters supported by your terminal.

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