Black Box 16 port User Manual
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The Console Server has a number of security features built in that can be enabled or disabled depending on the security level required.

These features include:

Telnet access - Login and password required.

See set line on page 166 in Appendix B The CLI commands.

SSH access - Makes ports only accesible via SSH connections.

See Accessing devices via SSH on page 118 in Chapter 4 Using your Console Server.

Radius authentication - Allows user names and passwords to be authenticated by an external Radius server.

See About user accounts and RADIUS on page 96 in Chapter 3 System administration.

Disable Daemons - Allows unused Daemons to be disabled to prevent unauthorised access by hackers.

See set server on page 173 in Appendix B The CLI commands.

Trusted host filtering - Prevents the unit from being seen on the network by nonauthorised systems

See set server on page 173 in Appendix B The CLI commands.

Setting up the line on your Console Server

The default use of the Console Server is as a Console server. Therefore all lines are set with a service of “Reverse Telnet”. This allows a user on the LAN to be able to telnet into the ports and access the attached devices.

Each port also requires a TCP socket number in order to work. By default, the unit is set to use numbers 10001 to 10024. You can change these to any other socket number as long as there is no conflict on the network.

For an explanation of other line services see Appendix E Summary of Line Service Types.

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