Black Box 16 port User Manual
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Setting date and time

The Console Server (the ‘unit’) has areal-timeclock which you can set and view. It isbattery-backedand therefore will operate when power is off and over reboots. The clock is year 2000 compliant.

To set the date and time on your unit proceed as follows;

1.From the Main Menu select Hardware.

The hardware form is now displayed. Only the date andtime fields are user editable.


2.Identify your unit using the hardware information displayed.

(To view hardware details in command line mode (cli) use the command show hardware).

3.Within the ‘hardware’ form. move the cursor to the start of the field using the ‘delete’ key; then enter information in the format (for the date):

DD/MM/YYYY e.g. 30/03/2001

and in the format (for the time):

HH:MM:SS e.g. 20:32:00

Note that you do not have to enter the number of seconds.

4.Alternatively, in command line mode (cli) enter the commands ‘set date’ and ‘set time’;

To view the date and time select ‘hardware’ from the Main Menu and check the ‘hardware’ form; In command line mode, enter the commands Show date, Show time, or Show hardware.

Black Box Console Server user guide


Performing a soft reboot

To perform a soft re-boot(cli syntax: reboot);

1.From the Network Configuration menu, select ‘Reboot’.

You will be asked whether you wish to save your configuration changes to nonvolatile memory:

2. At the prompt, type y and press the Enter key.

The unit will close all connections and then reboot.

Black Box Console Server user guide