Benq GL2040M User Manual

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5. Picture optimization

The easiest way to obtain an optimal display from an analog (D-Sub)input is to use theAUTO key function. Press theAUTO key to optimize the currently displayed image to the screen.

When you connect a digital video output using a digital (DVI) cable to your monitor, theAUTO key and the Auto Adjustment function will be disabled, because the monitor will automatically display the best image.

Please ensure that the connected graphic card on your computer is set to the native resolution of the monitor when you use the AUTO key function.

If you wish, you can always adjust the screen geometric settings manually using geometry menu items. To assist you in this endeavour, BenQ has provided a screen test image utility which you can use to check for screen color, grayscale and line gradient display.

1.Run the test program auto.exe from CD-ROM.You could also use any other image, such as the desktop of your operating system. However, we recommend that you use auto.exe. As you run auto.exe, a test pattern displays.

2.Press the AUTO key on the monitor.

3.Press the MENU key to access the monitorOn-ScreenDisplay (OSD) menu.

4.Use the orkeys to selectDISPLAY and press theENTER key to enter the menu.

5.If you notice a vertical noise (like a curtain effect-shimmeringof vertical lines), press the

or keys to selectPixel Clock and press theENTER key. Then press theorkeys to adjust the monitor until the noise disappears.

6.If you notice a horizontal noise, press the orkeys to selectPhase and press the

ENTER key. Then press theorkeys to adjust the monitor until the noise disappears.

Picture optimization