Benq C110 User Manual
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Joybee 110(DA-110)

Digital Audio Player

User Manual



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Handling Instructions

1.This player is a highly precise electronic product. Please do not disassemble it.

2.Do not format the memory of the player in FAT32/NTFS file format.

3.Do not attempt to alter any part of the player.

4.Do not subject the player to severe impact.

5.Keep the player away from water or direct sunlight.

6.Use damp cloth to clean the player. Do not use any chemical solution.

7.Use only chargers and accessories for use with this particular player model. The use of any other types will invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the player, and may be dangerous.

8.Keep proper volume while listening or it may cause eternal harm to listening capacity.

9.Dispose of unused player and its accessories according to local environmental regulations.

Table of Contents


Copyright 2

Disclaimer 2

Table of Contents i

Your Joybee 110 Digital Audio Player 1

Introduction 1

Package Contents 1

System Requirements 1

Touring the Joybee 110 Digital Audio Player 2

Buttons/Ports/Parts 2

The LCD Display 4

Getting the Joybee 110 Digital Audio Player Ready 5

Connecting Earphone 5

Charging the Battery 5

Installing Joybee 110 Digital Audio Player Software 6 Installing the USB Driver 7

Installing in Windows ME/Windows 2000/Windows XP 7 Installing in Windows 98 7

Using the Joybee 110 Digital Audio Player 8

Turning the Player On and Off 8

Playing Music 8

Section Repeat 8

Play Repeat, EQ (Equalizer), Play Speed 8

Repeat 8

Equalizer 9

Speed 9

Recording 9

Using the Record Function 9

System Setups 9

Recording setups 10

Setting date and time 10

Table of Contents


Format flash memory 10

Setting Joybee 110 Auto-Off time 10 Setting display backlight duration 10 Setting display contrast 10

Setting language 10 SW Upgrade 10

Buttons Lock 10

Using the Joybee 110 Digital Audio Player as a USB Flash Drive 11

Using QMusic 12

The Main Screen 12

Adding songs to the Joybee 110 Digital Audio Player using QMusic 14

Notes, FAQ and Troubleshooting Tips 21

Notes 21

FAQ and Troubleshooting Tips 22

ii Table of Contents