Benq AWL400 User Manual

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2.2 Installation for WinXP

Insert AWL400 USB Stick into your PC, and then Windows will show the dialog – ‘Found New Hardware Wizard’.

Select ‘Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)’ and press Next button.


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Select ‘Include this location in the search’ and browse the BENQ Wireless LAN CD to find AWL400. For example, if your CD-ROM is drive D, the location is D:\AWL400\WinXP.

Press Continue Anyway


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Please wait while coping files.

Press Finish.


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Chapter 3. Uninstallation

To uninstall AWL400, you can remove AWL400 from Add/Remove Programs Properties in Control Panel as the following figure.

Press Add/Remove

Press OK if you really want to remove AWL400.


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Press Finish when uninstall successfully completed and then you must restart your computer.


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Chapter 4. Configuration & Monitor Utility

4.1 Monitor

Operating Mode

Infrastructure Mode

In this mode, the driver will scan all available channels continuously until one or more Access Points are found that matches its SSID. When it gets to that point, it will try to authenticate and associate with the Access Point.

Ad Hoc Mode

In this mode, the driver will scan for 5 seconds to look for an existing Ad Hoc network, which uses the same SSID.


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This field shows the current radio channel used for an active connection.


Service Set Identity

Tx Rate

This field shows the current transmit rate which are being used for an active connection.

Int. Roaming (not supported by this model,AWL400)

Radio (not supported by this model,AWL400)


The current state of the driver is displayed in this field. If the state reveals “Associated,“ it means that the normal flow of operation is in Infrastructure mode. This shows that the PC is already connected to access point and BSSID is also shown in the form of hex digits. At the same time, the networking is available for the device.

In “Scanning ” state, it means that the node cannot detect the SSID to get an access point within range and is searching for an available access point. Also, if the driver failed to initialize for some unknown reasons, this field will display an error message.

Signal Strength

The Signal Strength bar graph becomes active only when the node is in Infrastructure Mode does. This bar graphic shows normalized signal strength as reported by the radio, averaged over all frames over 100 bytes long received from the Access Point.

Link Quality

This field reveals the quality of the current connection. Only when the node is in Infrastructure Mode does the Link Quality bar graph become active. The bar graph displays the link quality between the node and its Access Point.


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4.2 Statistics

The Statistics page shows the counts of packets transmitted and received. Press Clear button to set these numbers to zero.


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4.3 Site Survey

The Site Survey page shows the APs nearby. After pressing Re-Scanbutton to search APs nearby, users can double click on the BSSID area to associate with the AP which user wants to connect.


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4.4 Encryption

According to WEP function select, this panel allows the entry of 64-bitencryption and128-bitkey. Each key must consist of hex digits to be written to the driver and registry. This means that only digit0-9and lettersA-Fare valid entries. Therefore, if entered incorrectly, the program will not write keys to a driver.


Disabled – Disable WEP function 64 Bit – Enable WEP with 64 bit Key

128 Bit – Enable WEP with 128 bit Key

WEP Key to use

Select one of these four keys.

WEP Mode

Select WEP mode – Mandatory or Optional

Authentication Type

Select Open System type or Shared Key type


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