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Internet Connection configuration

1. Go to Internet Explorer and type in the Address box,,

then you should get a web page like this:

Leave empty

Leave empty the password box and press “Submit”

Then on the Menu on the left, press “Connection Type” and you should get a Window like this:

2. Choose the connection: “PPPoA” and press “Next”. Then you will have a web page like this:

Given by ISP

If you have more options as Encapsulation and MTU, it should be VC-MUXand 1454.

The press “Apply changes” and it will save the data:

3.You should get a web page like this now:

4.Apply Changes

Then you will get to the same page, go to “Home”

Press Here

You will go to a web page like this: Press on “Connect”

And then in “Internet Status” on top of the page, it should say “Connected”

By Now, you should have internet, please try!!!