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Surge Protector

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User Manual



2/23/2007 4:19:33 PM


Thank you for purchasing the Belkin Concealed Surge Protector. Each year, frequent natural and man-madepower disturbances corrupt the power supplied to your home and offi ce electronics. The Concealed Surge Protector provides Belkin’s ‘Extreme’ protection level and an innovativecable-managementsolution, providing a great way to organise and conceal your power cords. Please be sure to read through the Set Up Guide and Safety Information to ensure proper protection of your connected devices.

Product Features

8 Surge Protected BlockSpace sockets, positioned for maximum connection fl exibility.

Auxiliary Surge Protection through BT / RJ11* and Coaxial cable ports. Providing additional surge protection for telephone, modem and Home Theatre equipment.

Integrated Cord Management - Molded slots enable multiple cables to be directed through the top of the unit and neatly marshalled out of the top or side.

Cord and Plug Concealing Cover - Creates an organised and professional look. Acts as a deterrent against pets, infants and children from accessing the socket connections.

Set Up Guide

Step 1:

Connect your equipment

Plug your equipment into the eight available sockets. Please refer to the Safety Information paragraph prior to connecting the Surge Protector to a mains power supply..

Step 2:

Connect your peripheral devices

Connect any BT / RJ11* or Coaxial cable enabled device for added surge protection.

* on Irish model BZ108130ir2M

Step 3:

Organize your cables

Route all power cables through the slots above the plug sockets. Cables can then be directed through either side or out of the top of the Surge Protector.

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Step 4:

Activate the Surge Protector

Close the Concealing Cover and plug the unit into the AC wall outlet. Make sure the power switch is in the ON position.

Step 5:

Mounting instructions (Optional)

Use the two mounting holes on the back of the Surge Protector to secure it to your wall or baseboard. Install two screws into your wall or baseboard making sure that at least 1⁄4 inch of the screw is still exposed. Insert the screws into the mounting holes of the baseboard and lock into place.

NOTE: hardware not included.

Safety Information

CAUTION: Do not overload unit. The total output current of the AC adaptor blocks is not intended to be more than seven Amps. Large AC adaptor blocks must not be plugged in adjacent to one another.

It is recommended that AC adaptor blocks are alternated between standard plugs to enable suffi cient air ventilation between sockets and avoid the risk of over heating, when the concealing cover is closed.

CAUTION: The on/off switch incorporates a light indicating the presence of live mains at the surge protector. This is not an indicator of live mains availability at the socket outlets.

To determine the output current of plugged-indevices,


read the device-ratinglabel. This label may be located on


the transformer block plug, on the equipment, or in the


manufacturer’s user manual. Add the input current rating


of all plugged-indevices to fi nd the total current. If the total


input current of the AC adaptor blocks is greater than 7 Amps,


unplug equipment from the unit.


To prevent any risk of electrical shock, unplug the unit before




Do not “daisy-chain”this product or use it with extension cords. The Belkin Concealed Surge Protector’s cord must be plugged directly into an AC power source.

Use indoors and in dry locations. Not for use with aquariums or other water-relatedproducts.

2/23/2007 4:19:36 PM