Belkin ADSL2+ User Manual

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Setup Overview

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1Hardware Connections:

Use the instructions in this Guide to connect your Modem to your computer.

2Confi guring your Modem:

Confi gure your Belkin Modem with the easy-to-useWeb Based Setup Utility

3Connecting to the Internet

High Speed ADSL2+

Quick Installation Guide



Thankyou for purchasing a Belkin Modem, you will need to run through the following steps once to set up your Modem.

Hardware Connections


Step A


Place the modem next to the computer. Connect the Modem’s power cord into the


back of the Modem. Connect a telephone cable from the wall into the back of the




If your computer has an Ethernet (network) connection, continue with section B1.


Alternatively you can install the Modem with a USB connection, continue with section B2.

Ethernet Setup


Step B1


Find your new networking cable (it came in the box with your Modem) and connect it to


the LAN port on the back of the modem.


Connect the other end to your computers LAN port.


Please continue to Step 2


USB Setup


Step B2

Insert the CD into your computer.

Windows ME (or later) users: Connect the Modem to your computer with a USB cable.

Windows 98SE users: Please refer to the user manual located on the CD for further instructions.

Please continue to Step 2

Confi guring your Modem

Step A

Open your Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape, Safari etc) In the Address Bar, type in You will be presented with a Login screen, type in “admin” as the password then click LOGIN

Note: The password is case sensitive.




Step B

Select your country (Australia or New Zealand)

Add your current username and password. Please confi rm with your Internet Service Provider for the correct username, username format & password.


Connecting to the Internet

Please allow up to fi ve minutes for the ADSL Data light (a) to illuminate. This indicates a successful connection to the Internet.

Once the ADSL Data light has illuminated, open your Web Browser and surf the web!

Note: If the ADSL Data light is solid, this indicates a connection to the Internet has been established.

If the ADSL Data light is fl ashing, this indicates data activity e.g. when browsing websites etc.

Connecting telephone fi lters

Any telephone connected to the same telephone line as your ADSL modem needs to be fi ltered. This allow you to use the Internet and talk on the phone at the same time.

If you have a telephone connected to same socket as the Modem, you will need a Splitter (not included) (a).

Any extra telephones that are connected to the same telephone line need an inline fi lter (not included) (b).


Belkin provides free technical support via phone and the Web. However, we encourage you to attempt (or retry) Steps 1 and 2 before contacting Support.

If you’re still having trouble, contact Belkin Support.

Web (click on Support Centre)


1800 BELKIN Aus


Monday-Friday08:00-20:00(Sydney time zone) Closed public holidays

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