Beko CDA 540 User Manual

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Please observe the following instructions to obtain the best results.

Do not freeze too large a quantity at any one time. The quality of the food is best preserved when it is frozen right through to the core as quickly as possible.

Do not exceed the freezing capacity of your appliance in 24 h.

Placing warm food into the freezer compartment causes the refrigeration machine to operate continously until the food is frozen solid. This can temporarily lead to excessive cooling of the refrigeration compartment.

When freezing fresh food, keep the thermostat knob at medium position. Small quantities of food up to 1/2 kg. (1 lb) can be frozen without adjusting the temperature control knob.

Take special care not to mix already frozen food and fresh food.


Fill the ice - cube tray 3/4 full with water and place it in the Ice Bank. Loosen frozen trays with the handle of a spoon, never use sharp edged objects such as knives, forks. Store ice-cubesin the Ice Bank.

Note: If freshly made ice cubes are not consumed for several weeks and stored in Ice Bank, they will slowly reduce in size and eventually disappear completely.


A) Fridge compartment

The fridge compartment defrosts automatically. The defrost water runs to the drain tube via a collection container at the back of the appliance.

During defrosting, water droplets may form at the back of the fridge compartment where a concealed evaporator is located. Some droplets may remain on the liner and refreeze when defrosting is completed. Do not use pointed or sharp-edgedobjects such as knives or forks to remove the droplets which have refrozen.

If, at any time, the defrost water does not drain from the collection channel, check that no food particles have blocked the drain tube. The drain tube can be cleared with a pipe-cleaneror Pushing the special plastic plunger provided down the drain tube (2).

Check that the tube is permanently placed with its end in the collecting tray on the compressor to prevent the water spilling. If the frost layer reaches about 1/4’’ (7 mm), reduce the setting (i.e. from 4 to 1) to restart automatic defrosting.